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  1. hopsoda

    Need cheap Stainless Steel SS parts and fittings

    Need sources for cheap stainless steel parts and fittings used in all the projects here? /w part numbers :D where is a cheap source for the SS washers that fit 1/2" npt used on boil kettles?
  2. hopsoda

    Any Cheap Source for Stainless Compression Fittings?

    I'm also searching for cheap SS fittings i found this: Parker Tube Flared Fitting 6-8FTX-S 0103-8-6 3/8 OD Tube to 1/2 Thread Male Conn | eBay Will that work? need to find some cf caps also what is the difference between ss roled tubing and welded ss tubing ... will this work...
  3. hopsoda

    Scented Oxy-Clean OK on glass?

    regular oxyclean will leave a smell on plastics so will dishwasher soap powder ... i used them once.... and only once however oxyclean works well in the dishwasher .... not that that has anything to do with what your asking on anouther edit ... as long as you rinced it out really...
  4. hopsoda

    Questions about Tannins

    get a filter - costs like 40 bucks ... carbon filter my city water tasts fine too , and its clear but i still filter the water i drink and brew with ... why not?
  5. hopsoda

    My whisky turned black?

    i have a cheap stainless steel flask , i have used it for a long time the last time i used it was about 2 weeks ago , it had rum in it , i rinced it out and filled it with whisky , about 2 weeks ago , today when i poored a shot , it was really dark almost black in color ... still smells the...
  6. hopsoda

    What do you do with your beer?

    uhh D: partys with friends with huge livers
  7. hopsoda

    How do you keep the gunk out of the fermenter?

    Edit (re-read the post) +1 for pellets in the mesh bag Get a good cold crash Having a dip tube going to the bottom for your kettle , or to the side helps keep the gunk out.
  8. hopsoda

    aluminum stock pot turned black?

    So discoloration is normal. No need to worry about it , it is actually needed to seal the pot. Clean lightly and brew as planed Got it , Thanks :mug:
  9. hopsoda

    aluminum stock pot turned black?

    ok so should i scrub it with an abrasive pad , or gently wash it with a rag and boil in it a few more times? ... to get it ready to brew in?
  10. hopsoda

    aluminum stock pot turned black?

    how should i go about cleaning it?
  11. hopsoda

    aluminum stock pot turned black?

    I boiled some water in a new alluminum 30qt stockpot it turned the entire inside with a black like soot? is this normal? looks bad.
  12. hopsoda

    Figi Bitter recipe?

    looking for a Figi Bitter recipe anyone? or anyone know where to get some of this stuff?
  13. hopsoda

    beer went all cloudy?

    ya possibly, but i don't think it got bumped? the room got a little warmer from having a dehumidifier running close by... so possibly the extra heat sent the yeast into overdrive? Its cleared up a few weeks later on its own? o well , this is the first batch i had go clear ... then cloudy...
  14. hopsoda

    Malt Conditioning... WOW it rocks!

    :off: i though tannins were only extracted from the grain hulls if you sparged to hot. am i missing something , can someone point me towards that thread?