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    2011 Hop Garden Picture Thread

    Great video Hypno, but I was expecting music more on the lines of, "Bow Chicka Bow Wow." I just pick my last 1/2 ounce or so of Cascades this years. Had a total of about 29 ounces on my two 4 year old plants. Ed
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    Hop experts, help me identify this plant

    As far as the drying video goes.....I just lay my hops out on a sliding door screen in my 80 degree garage for 3 days and they are ready for vacume sealing. So much easier, unless you like building stuff.
  3. Hop Hack

    Hop experts, help me identify this plant

    They look alot like my Mt. Hoods, but who knows. Like Gila said, rub some in your hands and see if you get any thing from them. Last Summer my father brought me some from a friend of his. The looked good, but once tried and broken open, there was no lupulin or odor to speak of. Complete fail.
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    2011 Hop Garden Picture Thread

    Better invite plenty of friends for a pool, pickin', and brew party!
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    2011 Hop Garden Picture Thread

    a potter, I started with 2 cascades, 2 willamettes, 1 mt. hood, and 1 centennial. It has workd out well, not only for hops, but I also have a nice place to sit in the shade. I used to brew out there when doing smaller quantities.
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    2011 Hop Garden Picture Thread

    These are my 4 year old cascades,willamettes, mt. hood, and cententials.
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    il growers when do japanese beetles appear?

    I just saw my first beetles in the last week or so. My hops are 4 years old and every year the hop production increases and starts earlier. I used to spray mine with an organic insect repellent, but now I figure the plants have moved well into hop production by the time the beetles show up...
  8. Hop Hack

    Trimming a plant now?

    I have 4 year old hops and have never trimmed any of them and the have only gotten better each year. I don't think the big growers have time to go trim all their plants so I wouldnt worry about it. Let them go and grow. The way I see it... the more bines, the mor ehops
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    2010 Hops Gardens

    Chris...mine are third year also, and wow what a difference a year makes. I will be making extra cascade pale ale with all mine. My brother finds out that i made some and i cant keep it around very I also have Willamettes that are doing well this year, but never as well as the...
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    2010 Hops Gardens

    It has been a great summer for humid for me This is one of my Cascades
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    Trellis Designs?

    I grow 6 plants on this.
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    Lazy Mutt Farmhouse Ale - Asking for Opinions

    It reminded me a of the Huber/Rhinelander/Meister Brau/Etc. that Huber made years ago in the returnable longnck bottles my dad would buy for $4.99 a case. The aftertaste isn't as strong as those beers were, but it is unforgettable. And the clearness of it certainly indicates more of a lager...