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    Looking for a more free flowing bag....

    It may not help the efficiency, but I find it helps me maintain temperature during the mash. I also ran into the slow flow through the bag on my last brew where I double crushed the grain. I may add some rice hulls to help.
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    Automating Kettle Filling?

    I have some more ideas to look at for this now, thanks for all of the input.
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    Automating Kettle Filling?

    Like I said in the OP, I searched here and elsewhere and didn't find a solution. Google is my friend, I generally always search out things on my own first as there is a wealth of info here and elsewhere. Sometimes you get stuck and that is where I am. I understand your position I guess, thanks...
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    Automating Kettle Filling?

    I hadn't run across that yet, it looks promising. Thanks!
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    Automating Kettle Filling?

    I talked to one of my smart guys at work that build machines for us, he's also a big tinkerer. He showed me one of the pressure sensors we use at work on some specialty equipment and said it might work. They are pricey, about half that at Banner Engineering, but I could probably get one for...
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    Automating Kettle Filling?

    That stainless float switch could be an option. Haha on the last one. :D
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    Automating Kettle Filling?

    Float switch is out unless it can easily be adjustable. Solenoid can also cause a hammer because they close too fast and I have plastic pipe. I don't need perfect, but I want something to meter and fill with auto shut off and preferably can be automated by an app.
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    Automating Kettle Filling?

    I had two prior batches that were off a little and I am attributing it to the water. I have a cheap box store single cartridge 5 micron carbon filter for brewing water. I also had an RV white hose on it at 25'. What I found was if I ran the water wide open the filter didn't seem to be doing it's...
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    Automating Kettle Filling?

    I have searched and searched here and elsewhere and I can't find the solutions that I want. It took an hour to put 8.75 gallons in the kettle last weekend. I am looking for a way to automate the filling process and it would be awesome if I could find a way to control it with my phone and even...
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    Remote temperature minder

    Verify the probes can be submerged in liquid.I learned the hard way with my gen 1 iGrille, trashed the probe and then found out later they couldn't be submerged.
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    inline water filter?

    I have this one and I'm pleased with it. I use the bypass when I'm cleaning. You can easily pipe it up to a hose bib with some cheap fittings.
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    Budget Basement Brewery Build

    FYI, it's much cheaper on amazon,
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    Musselmans Cider

    Yep, works just fine.
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    Brown Ale help

    If you want a great hoppy brown check out Mike (Tasty) McDoles Janet's Brown, it is most excellent and has become one of my house beers. Check it out at morebeer.
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    BIAB stand

    That looks nice, I'd be interested but I just went electric too.