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    Lid wasnt sealed!!!

    Yes. However during high krausen I'd rather have lid loose just to be on the safe side.
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    Lid wasnt sealed!!!

    Partially because I just don't have to. Mostly because I want the pressure to release during fermentation.
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    Lid wasnt sealed!!!

    The yeast floating is flocculation (yeast comes together). Totally normal. It will drop inside of a week. I never seal my buckets when fermenting. Don't worry about it. You'll be fine.
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    First Funk, thoughts?

    Anybody have an update? I ended up adding dried cherries about a year ago. I just bottled it about an hour ago. The taste I jut sampled was amazing. Smooth lactic sourness. Light on the funk. Nothing remotely acetic. Great cherry pie like taste. Can't wait for it to carb up.
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    Dry Fruit Source(s) for Sour Barrel

    Believe it or not the WalMart brand dried cherries don't have any oil on them. They were the only ones I could find for my sour brown.
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    Angry responses

    I'll handle this!!!
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    New Belgium/Lost Abbey "Brett Beer"

    They do still pasteurize, but their method is different from your standard filtration method. So while there are still some critters sitting at the bottom of the bottles.... They're all dead.
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    Sour Wheat Beer - 1 month - with bugs

    Actually yes, it's quite sour and a small amount of Brett funkiness. Lacto usually takes that long to do its job for two reasons, one is IBUs and the other is alcohol. Both of those things slow down lacto. So by pitching lacto prior to the sacc there was no alcohol to slow it down. Just to...
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    Shortest time for a lambic to age

    Keep in mind my recipe for that was using lacto and Brett only.... No pedio. In most true lambics pedio does the bulk of the souring, and it is slow and needs time because beers with pedio go through a "sick" phase where the pedio produces a lot of diacetyl that takes some time for the Brett to...
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    What's in your fermenter(s)?

    Rye wine and a lambic.
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    Pellicle Photo Collection

    It's in Complete Joy of Homebrewing.
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    Peach wheat beer

    Definitely go with real fruit. I did a beer with a raspberry extract when I first brewing and it really tasted artificial. Yes using real fruit is more labor intensive, but the end result is so much better. And if possible get some local fresh peaches at the height of the season. I did mine with...
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    Dry hopping question

    I love the hop socks. At my LHBS they're like $0.40 a pop, so I just by a handful whenever I'm there and use them once only.
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    Peach wheat beer

    I did a peach saison a few years back that was out of control good. I used under-ripe peaches, and a ton of them. 3.5 lbs. of a frozen puree I made of fresh peaches went in at 20 minutes then 2 lbs. flame out, then I threw 5 lbs. more of chopped into the secondary for 10 days. The reason for so...
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    Dry hopping question

    Cold crashing will work, but finings will work better. For future reference though it's a good idea to put your hops in a hop sack and weigh it down with marbles. At my LHBS I saw this mesh tube that you insert in the neck of your carboy and fill with hops, seemed cool but never got one. And as...