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    Custom kegorator-frosting over

    For the past two years I've been using a commercial kegorator from Home Depot. It works great but can only hold two cornies. I wanted one that would hold four since I have a beautiful antique 4 tap brass beer tower on my bar. Not being able to find such an animal, I built my own out of an old...
  2. Hodawg

    Home made under bar keg cooler?

    Bump for update. Has anyone tried the coil or coldplate idea inside the fridge? Thanks y'all, Ken
  3. Hodawg

    Home made under bar keg cooler?

    Neat ideas, guys. The fermenter looks great. Here's another question in the same light. Like I said, I'm trying to run 4 Cornies at one time. Would it be feasable to keep the kegs at room temperature, and feed them into either 4 cold plates or 4 coils that are kept cold in the kegerator that...
  4. Hodawg

    Home made under bar keg cooler?

    Howdy gang. It's been a while since I last posted, but I've been trying to follow along as best that I can. I have a project that I need some help with. I've built a nice bar (you can see it in my gallery) with a great mushroom style tap tower fed by a standard commercial kegerator that will...
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    My Craigslist Starter Kit

    Sounds like a hell of a score there, popester! As for the priming sugar, I'd toss it. I've personally botched 3 batches using old ingredients, especially old priming sugar. You'd hate to go through all the effort of brewing, bottling, and waiting just to find out a month or so later that the...
  6. Hodawg

    Not exactly the way I wanted to start dry hopping.....

    Thanks, scinerd. Last dumb question. Since these are hop pellets, do I drop them in whole or break them up a bit? Thanks in advance, Ken
  7. Hodawg

    Not exactly the way I wanted to start dry hopping.....

    I'm on about my 25th or so batch, (mostly extract kits) and I've been intrigued with the idea of dry hopping. But this ain't the way I wanted to get started. Sunday night I brewed up two 5 gallon batches, a Nut Brown Ale and a IPA, both from True Brew kits. The IPA ingredients were as...
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    Priming just one 6-pack

    About a year ago my boss gave me a ton of equipment (about 3K worth) to get started brewing. He did ask that he get a 6-pack of whatever I brewed. Since I keg all of my beer, I'm wanting to naturally carb just enough for his 6 pack, then I force carb the rest in the keg. So my question is...
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    Oshea brewing co. Minibrew 6.5 gallon conical fermenter (ebay), thoughts on it?

    I've done about 10 batches in mine. VERY easy to clean and maintain. The only thing that I'd change on this is the aluminum stand. It's rather flimsy when you get the full weight of 5 gallons in it. The rubber lid can be very finicky at times depending on the temperature. Some times it is...
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    st. patty's

    I prefer Erin go bra-less!:tank: Beers, Ken
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    st. patty's

    Excellent choices there, redraider629! I have the exact same stew in my crock pot as we speak, along with a half bottle of Tullamore setting on my bar. I probably won't get to the Dew on my bar tonight, but I'll have a flask of it in me sporran for later. Our pipe band is doing the usually...
  12. Hodawg

    My first 3 tier gravity brew stand.

    Lookin' good there, Ben. Nice compact design, easy to store and move around. +1 on testing before you introduce hot water or wort. Easier to fix minor flaws with cold water in the containers that with hot stuff after it's too late. Keep us posted. I've been thinking of a similar rig, but...
  13. Hodawg

    Is my keg stainless steel or aluminum?

    Y'all are making this way too hard. Simply strike the keg sharply with a BFH. If the resulting tone is A sharp, it's SS. C flat, it's AL. If you use a really BFH, the aluminum dents easier than SS. Beers, Ken
  14. Hodawg

    budweiser clone

    Don't waste your time and resources capping it. Just hand it to them opened and still warm. They will appreciate the similarities much more. Don't get me wrong here. I enjoy a cheap Natty Light as much as the next guy when I'm out working in the yard or garage. It's beer and it slugs...
  15. Hodawg

    How many fermenters going at once?

    Yep, whatta ya' mean by other hobbies? Besides old British sports cars, I didn't know there were other hobbies as addicting as this one. Beers y'all, Ken