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    NorcalBrewing Solutions Giveaway!

    Thank you Norcal! I am in
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    Oktoberfest Homebrew Contest

    Jamestown Art Center is sponsoring a homebrew contest at their annual Oktoberfest. There is no cost and if you bring homebrew, you get into the Oktoberfest for free. check out the website and come out with your best brew.
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    American pale ale

    I'd Dry-Hop That!
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    Daytona Beach

    Wife and i are heading to Daytona beach for a weekend get-away. Wondering if there are good places for beer near the beach. as it should go without saying, not looking for run of the mill BMC type places. also wondering if there is any good local beer or brew pubs or breweries Thanks...
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    2013 Hop garden photo thread

    Here is what Fargo, ND looks like
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    2nd year hops super thick!

    This is what mine look like so far
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    was it me or did the article kind of do some double speak with the granite. I don't have the article with me now but it said something like "Granite is a good choice with it having moisture content and can easily explode" explode when heated and good for brewing did not make sense to me but i...
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    Hops question

    Whoops, simple algebra vexed me!!. HBU divided by AA.
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    Hops question

    So 7 oz @ 1AA = 7HBU or 1 oz @ 7AA = 7HBU What is the AA of the Saaz you have? take AA divided by HBU to get the oz needed. simple ALGEBRA!! (that you never thought you would use after high school!!)
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    Blow-Off tube

    i have done nothing different for my starter. just made one from a smack pack because it blew open when i smacked it. (that is also new) thought maybe there was someting broken down during a longer boil that wasn't during the late additions
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    Blow-Off tube

    This is the first time I have actually needed a blow-off assembly for my carboy. it is a 7gal and i have 5 gal of Northern Brewer's Australian Sparkling Ale going in it. i don't know what happened but it took off like a shot. I made a starter with Thames Valley yeast and pitched at the right...
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    Where did you stick your HBT Decal?

    One on my new glass carboy and one on a pin-lock. always have them on the pinlock
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    Where does all the beer go?

    i brew 10 gal a month on average. 120gal last year. i just keep a fresh supply and i only drink from two kegs at a time. when i think i am running low in a keg, i will rack to a third keg and then force carb and finish the other keg. replace as needed. i just keep a steady line of beer in...
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    Where does all the beer go?

    If you think about how much beer is in 10 gallons, about 100ish (give or take 5 for trub). One or two (possibly 3 or 4 on weekends) beers per night for one person. Drinking a 6 pack a day is not out of the question for a couple. that is about 35-45 beers per week. i would not concider that...