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    Traveling to Buffalo

    Hi everyone! I'll be visiting Buffalo in a couple weeks. Is there any brewerys that are a must visit? I like all beer styles but I'm definitely a hop head whether they're fruity and juicy or dank and piney. Any feedback would be much appreciated. 🍻
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    So who's brewing this weekend?

    You should get a longer hose and run the used water into your washing machine if you have one. :mug:
  3. hockeybrewer

    Cloning Troegs Brewing Blizzard of Hops

    I brewed this today with some changes to the grains and use a tad more hops. Thanks for the recipe and I'll let you know in a couple weeks how it came out.
  4. hockeybrewer

    Cloning Troegs Brewing Blizzard of Hops

    Will you be posting you nugget nectar video in a thread? If so let me know! My next brew will be your north of the wall IPA but I'll be doing all grain. I'll let you know how it goes but I might be a couple weeks till I brew again.
  5. hockeybrewer

    Cloning Troegs Brewing Blizzard of Hops

    North of the wall the name!
  6. hockeybrewer

    Cloning Troegs Brewing Blizzard of Hops

    Thank you so much for the quick response! I saw you couldn't get galaxy so you used Ella, did you use only 1 oz? I thought it would have more hops in it but I'll try it. I cant get galaxy either so I was thinking maybe citra or Amarillo. I tried to clone nugget nectar once but it wasn't that...
  7. hockeybrewer

    Cloning Troegs Brewing Blizzard of Hops

    I'm interested in brewing this can you post your recipe please. Thanks in advance.
  8. hockeybrewer

    Homebrew T-Shirt Tagline?

    I'd "tap" that..with beer mugs
  9. hockeybrewer

    Atlanta breweries/beer/restaurants

    +1 for wrecking bar especially if your a foodie!! Last time I went we had the charred octopus tenticals, beef heart tartar and rabbit "wings". It was great plus the beers were awesome I got a growler of juice willius to go... Yippi kye a. :mug:
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    First BIAB brew - a few questions

    +1 on double grinding at the lhbs as I did this for a while and it helped. Also it's not high tech but if you wrap a old thick comforter or blanket around your pot it'll help with your mash temps. Even in the dead of winter I only lose 3-5 degrees which is good enough for me since majority of...
  11. hockeybrewer

    Washing yeast?

    I don't brew meads or wines but I do beer with some liquid yeast. I buy hops and grain in bulk and then make an oversized starter and harvest off of that for many generations I'm looking at $15-20 a normal batch and $30 for a hoppy NE IPA. Can't beat that price for someone who has more time...
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    Boston area things to do?

    Love these older threads I'll be heading to Boston in two weeks and I'll be checking out some of these suggestions. Thanks everybody!! :mug:
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    Lo Mein Stir Fry! Need help

    Wow thanks for this recipe!!! I know what what I'm making this weekend but I'll be pairing it with my founders all day IPA clone. :mug:
  14. hockeybrewer

    Treehouse Style IPA's

    I see everyone talking about flaked wheat and oats but in mine I use flaked barley, oats and malted wheat. Any reason not to do this and what difference would I be getting? Thanks in advance!