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    Honey and honey malt

    I just bottled a small batch of wheat beer (1 1/2 gallon) that I added 4oz of honey malt to, made a nice flavor IMO. I say go for it
  2. Hobby brewer

    Brewing Withdrawals

    I too have not gotten in a brew day this year. I've got everything ready to go... But I'm working 3hrs from home for the next two weeks. So ready to get my next batch rolling
  3. Hobby brewer

    ABV in range but pre-bottle flavor seems week

    Hmm, I nah if it's a pre pitch gravity you used for your calculation then thats what it should be. Only other thing that comes to mind is if the water wasn't stirred in completely and threw your reading off.
  4. Hobby brewer

    ABV in range but pre-bottle flavor seems week

    Did you happen to check your gravity before and after adding water? I'm going to guess your SG suffered.
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    Ohio Akron, Ohio area homebrewers

    Well, you piqued my interest in vine and hop. I'll have to check it out. I've hit up label peelers 3 or 4 times, saves money not having it shipped. They usually have what I'm looking for. I ordered from last for an exact recipe of grain, that was kinda handy, guess my next purchases...
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    Ohio Akron, Ohio area homebrewers

    Haven't been there yet. I'm in North Canton
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    Opinions on Extract Brewing

    I did an extract kit a few months back. I believe it was a basic beer, american classic. Was two packages of DME and some hops. I adjusted the hops a touch, but it made a decent drinkable beer. I'm not sold on the LME but I may keep some DME on hand to bump up a lower SG and make starters with
  8. Hobby brewer

    Ohio Akron, Ohio area homebrewers

    So where are you all getting your supplies from?
  9. Hobby brewer

    How much hops and grain do you have on hand?

    Until I have a dedicated space for my brew supplies and equipment I usually have two batches worth standing by for when the planets align. With 4 kids it can be a challenge to pull off a brew day.
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    My airlock fell off and i just noticed

    Replace it and let it ride. Open fermenting is a thing. Only way to know if it's good or bad is to wait and see. You might want to consider using a blow off tube next time as well.
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    I'm a noob with general questions. Also, ready for a habanero beer!

    Check out whirlfloc tablets, Spanish moss, and gelatin finings
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    Movie quote game

    Heck yeah, you're only 14 yrs older than me, hard to beat a good deal. I'm enjoying this forum, wish I'd gotten into brewing sooner than this now.
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    Movie quote game

    Man homebrewer, I had to Google that one. Looks like a good movie though
  14. Hobby brewer

    Movie quote game

    That's a tougher one for sure
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    Movie quote game

    U 571 How about - your aim is almost as bad as your cooking sweetheart