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    Avery IPA Clone

    How did this beer turn out. I want to make a Hog Heaven Clone. Any advice will be truly welcome. Thanks
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    Man, I love Apfelwein

    Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) is just fine. It will just help the yeast and make the Apfelwein better for you.
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    Cider with Ale yaest?

    I have made Cider/Apfelwein several times. I prefer Whitelabs California Ale Yeast. I live in Houston, Tx. It gets warm down here in the summer. California Ale yeast can take the higher than normal temps. It's also very clean tasting. I don't like any extra fruity flavors in my cider. I...
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    Apfelwein Yeast Poll

    White Labs California Ale Yeast. O.G. 1.060 ---F.G. 1.000 This yeast is very neutral in flavor. Very Dry. It helps bring out the apple flavor. GOOD! My recipe was 5 Gal Apple Juice 2 lbs Dark Brown Sugar disolved in 1q of Juice brought up to 180 degrees 2 t Yeast Nutriant...
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    Edworts Apfelwein question

    I used 5 gal apple juice and 2 lbs of Dark Brown Sugar. I was thinking that it would leave just a trace of unfermtable sugars. However, it OG of 1.060 and when I racked it a month later the gravity was 1.000 Very dry and tastes great. I don't know if I can wait any longer.
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    racking onto a yeast cake

    I've done this several times. I have used the same carboy and yeast for 4 beers in a row. The yeast was WL001. On one occasion, I racked from Primary to Seconday on Tuesday. I left about an inch of beer over the yeast cake. Then I put the carboy in my chest cooler (38 degrees) and then...