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    eKettle: recirculating vs. non-recirculating

    I'm sure the manual set-up works beautifully under appropriate supervison but I have to say that I love setting a temp on my electric PID-controlled HLT and then wandering off for a while to do other chores to come back and find it right where I set it. A PID is also just the bees knees if you...
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    eKettle: recirculating vs. non-recirculating

    Pretty negligible within the HLT itself. I have a coil inside my HLT to recirculate the mash and raise temp to mash-out (also works as a heat exchanger post-boil) but don't have anything circulate the water in the HLT other than a spoon. There is a small difference between the placement of...
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    What do advanced homebrewers ferment 10 gallon batches in?

    I use plastic cone-bottomed induction tanks in a temp-controlled freezer. Works great. A little awkward to move around and clean, but it is wonderful for yeast management.
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    No Amarillo, No Citra, No Mosaic

    Maybe back to basics? Cascade/Columbus/Chinook?
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    Hemp beer

    Kettlehouse in Missoula, MT has long made a "Bongwater" Hemp beer. Maybe they could give you some tips?
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    Add honey to secodary

    In my experience honey does ferment out completely in secondary, it just might take a little while especially if you just dump it in cold and solid. I don't know about ONE yeast cell but racking to secondary just gets your beer of the cake, there is plenty of healthy yeast still to chew through...
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    Add honey to secodary

    I've had good results adding the honey at high krausen during primary.
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    Is there a way to measure Keg full level?

    your first post is on a 2 year old thread complaining about shipping? really?
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    Possible to ferment too long?

    I would argue, solely due to personal experience with little "so called science" to back it up, that your beer will be just dandy. A belgian blonde is rather perfect for a slightly extended vacay on a yeast cake especially if it is fairly high gravity. At some point autolysis comes into...
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    2013 Hop garden photo thread

    ....still snowing here....
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    Advice Needed on Drain Pipe Material

    Well no worries about PVC, that is very standard here. ABS is still plastic but a different compound. You have no problems running ABS (which I believe is rated for 180f) instead of something rated for boiling as far as your local authority goes?
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    What s the best way to make large batches of wine

    Darn, I saw the subject and was primed to respond with "more grapes." That said, have you looked into the plastic tanks used for biodiesel and whatnot? I use them for brewing and with just a few fittings they work...pretty freaking great. Mine are conical but with all the racking and...
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    Advice Needed on Drain Pipe Material

    Thanks for the info! I can't get access to the ASMI code yet ( thanks a lot, internet) but from the snippets I can find it appears to deal with the drains themselves and perhaps particularly the screens and grates associated with them and not so much the twenty feet of pipe post-drain. The same...