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    Project Monsterator

    hey joe sorry to hear about ur dog... kegerator looks sick cant wait to see it painted we should hang out again sometime man let me know when ur in town see u at the 5 year!
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    Noob ?'s

    What is a MFT? I've tried searching on many sites for correct reducing / anything for a way to get the normal keg size female (that attaches to the tap my kegerator came with) to connect to my beer line QD
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    Noob ?'s

    Hey all, been brewing for couple years now but ran into a problem or two with my new kegerator.... I bought it and it was designed for the normal large size keg... I can't seem to find the correct fittings anywhere in order to use it in conjunction with one of my cornelius kegs?? (two would...
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    First time kegger

    Okay I will try that-- i figured the cold would read less but 400 psi felt awfully strange, thank you for the tip
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    First time kegger

    hey guys, kegged for my first time the other day and have the c02 tank in the fridge with all lines opened to my keg. The regulator originally read that i had 1000psi in the freshly filled tank and now its reading at about 600 psi after one day. Is this because of the drop in temperature...