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    bells competition

    Exactly! my maple cream ale is fermenting nicely as we speak, and my imperial IPA is chilling down from the boil this morning. any ideas as to what you're brewing?
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    bells competition

    The sig. other and I are brewing up our two 5-gallon batches as four - 2.5 gallon batches. Go big or go home!!! maple ale w/ cream ale yeast Imperial IPA Pumpkin Ale Caramel Apple Ale
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    Bells Two Hearted IPA Recipe - comments?

    at 60 minutes boiling time, the hops have a chance to convert the effect that they have on your wort to a bittering effect. anywhere from a 45 minute to 60 minute usually gives the hops enough time to throw solid alpha acid content at your beer. any less than that and you're playing with aroma...
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    Finally, a Candidate We Can All Agree On!

    the mystery box could even be a boat! you know how much we've wanted one of those!
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    Campden to kill infection?

    by the time that you realize your beer is infected it is usually far too late to use campden - the nasties have done their job to mess up your beer. there isn't much you can do to reverse what they've done. sounds to me like a dry hop phenomenon. i had the same thing with my last IPA and...
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    Aplfelwine Variations?

    ahh after doing some research i found that cyser is not just a bells invention. i figured it was due to the name - it sounds more like a label than a type of apple booze
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    How many gallons of EdWort's Apfelwein have been made?

    4384 + 10 4394 damn thats a lot of apfelwein!
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    Aplfelwine Variations?

    bells here in kalamazoo has that on tap now and again, and it tastes pretty much exactly like apfelwein! how do you know of it?!
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    Bells Two Hearted IPA Recipe - comments?

    i got the recipe from the guy at bells' general store. here is the hop schedule in 5 gal form: 1.5 oz centennial 60 min 0.5 oz centennial 30 min 0.75 oz cascade 10 min 0.25 oz cascade at flameout dry hop .75 oz centennial and 1.00 oz cascade for 9 days. i've made it a few times...
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    A few good brews....

    hop slam is brewed with tons and tons of honey, and it shows. one of my favorite !
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    Last non BMC beer you've dumped

    bell's batch 8000. worst beer i've ever had. hands down. tasted like there were WAY too many influences acting on it. i almost felt sorry for the beer for the way it was treated...
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    How can I get more head?

    wow only a post like that can be found at :ban: :mug: :ban:
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    Two Hearted Ale Clone (Partial Mash)

    i just brewed a two hearted ale clone- recipe direct from bell's general store, and I started with 1.5 oz centennial, added .75 oz cascade with 30 min left, and finished with .5 oz centennial at 55 mins. Dry hopped in the secondary with 1 oz cascade and .5 oz centennial for 5 days, racked to a...
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    Apple Ale

    apples have a very high pectin content. be careful and use a pectinase to clear up the haze. i wouldn't throw your fruit in the last part of the boil because of this, as well. i'd probably throw the apples into your secondary ferment, since the alcohol content will take care of some of the...