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    Yes. While boiling is nowhere near the maximum temp for non-stick cookware, there is just no guarantee metals in the pot (which may not be aluminum or stainless steel) aren't leeching into the wort, just as cast iron pots beneficially leech metals into soups. While it's always great to...
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    Question for this batch!!!

    Yeah, I'm already planning caramelized lactose and vanilla at secondary. I may decide to add some more DME, and hop the DME with the half ounce of hops I have left.
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    Question for this batch!!!

    And blow off tube installed.
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    Question for this batch!!!

    I take that back, it's not gone yet, and yes, it's all the way to the top!!! Keeping it cool....
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    Question for this batch!!!

    Ahhh... I like all the good news!!!! It's bubbling away. I'm not too worried about fermenter space. My Primary is a 30L Speidel - LOTS of headspace. Kräusen is up and gone.
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    Question for this batch!!!

    Here's my batchly question, or in other words, how I fear I may have fouled up this batch. Working from a 5 gallon recipe, for reasons I don't want to explain, I used way too much water. I should have used 6.5, I used 7.5. I've got about 6 gallons in the fermenter instead of the 5 I...
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    5 years of constant upgrading equipment

    I've upgraded a couple things already, and I've only been at it for a couple months. Heck, I just drank some of my first batch for the first time yesterday. (It was tasty!!) Realizing this need to upgrade, I'm saving some money for the 50L Braumeister. Just gonna dive right in, ya know?
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    Brewing with Kids?

    I think promoting knowledge is a good policy in most circumstances. So yes, let her help create an adult beverage. Is it going to promote binge drinking in her adult life? Of course not. Personally, to me 9 years old is a good age to start really learning complex things like safety ( get...
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    Chipotle Porter - Chipotles in Secondary or Create Concentrate?

    Well don't do that. If you soak them in whisky, and don't use the whisky, you just lost all the flavor. It's like making a tincture and not using the tincture.
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    Chipotle Porter - Chipotles in Secondary or Create Concentrate?

    Generally they last a long time. One month shouldn't be a problem. Just keep it sealed or it will evaporate to a thick syrup.
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    Forgot to refrigerate yeast!

    Just open them very slowly. It's probably fine.
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    A Replacement for Hops

    Amazon has everything.
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    Experienced am I doing?

    If your gravity falls, fermentation is happening. However, if you don't notice bubbling, your fermentation vessel may not be sealed. Is it in a bucket? Check the top is on tight.
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    what the hell is this!?

    I remember those days. :tank:
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    Annoying drunk habits

    I talk non-stop. The constant thoughts that are always in my head finally get a chance to be voiced. Sometimes I know it's happening, sometimes I don't. When I know, I have to try hard to stop it. When I don't know, my clue is my wife asking: "Are you drunk?", The I know I'm talking too...