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    Time in primary/secondary?

    Zombie thread.... I'm finding that with homebrewing exploding in popularity, most of the people new to the hobby I'm talking to are only doing 2 weeks in primary and discussing bottling. Most commonly I hear people talking about autolysis beyond 2 weeks, which I think is hogwash. Due to...
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    Canned Pumpkin Puree?

    Anyone know why people advocate baking the puree? Seems silly (it's just a starch after all, isn't it?) it should mash fine.
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    Aging and Kegging

    No; there was a few times that I tried S05 at extremely low temperatures (60-64) in an attempt to approximate lagering and found that I got some pretty extreme esters (not banana/clove, but fruity).
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    Aging and Kegging

    I used S05 in this one (and almost always do for everything, unless style dictates). I've got a pretty efficient fermentation chamber that allows me to dial in temperature pretty damn well. Temp of carboy (not ambient) never exceeded 68. Generally held this one at 66. I find that S05...
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    Aging and Kegging

    2 parter. I recently made a blonde ale that initially had a lot of "strawberry" flavor. Not the first time I've had this flavor in a blonde. 10# 2-row .5# Crystal 10 1.5 oz Saaz @ 60 .25 oz Saaz @ 15 .25 oz Saaz @ 5 Aging seems to be helping. Anyone ever had that, or see a reason for it...
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    Coffee Stout Partial Mash Advice

    Go get a free trial of Beersmith and plug in those numbers that will tell you your answer (not in front of my PC at the moment or I'd run it). Second point. You'll not be steeping anymore. Only mashing. So don't differentiate your steep and mash grains; all in one mash. Third point. In my...
  7. HelperMunkee

    Removing stout flavor in extract brewing?

    Consider steeping .5lbs of chocolate malt and maybe other dark crystal. I'd be a little concerned that the added dextrose is gonna thin out the mouth feel.
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    Pliny the Elder - Currently in stock at...

    Yeah should have mentioned shipping expensive. But I too never don't buy beer because of price. And yeah. Texas is also illegal. Never thought Mass and TX would have something in common. I also grabbed some of New Belg's new IPA, Ranger.
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    Pliny the Elder - Currently in stock at...

    I live in Mass, and as such I cannot ship beer to myself, however that's what my NY friends are for...anyway. That site seems to have a good supply of Pliny in stock, although, I have received it yet so I can't comment on the freshness (although frankly, I doubt ol' Pliny...
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    Put a hole to accept a fridge for cooling.
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    Insulated fermentation chamber. Warm in the winter cool in the summer.