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    MLT Manifold DIY

    How about solder or no? It has a pretty snug fit w/o and it would seem pretty easy to clean by not soldering it.
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    MLT Manifold DIY

    Thanks for clarifying Revvy. That makes me laugh!:mug:
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    MLT Manifold DIY

    I tested it with holes down. Put a few gal. of water in and opened the valve. I ended up with about 3/4 cup of water left in the bottom. I would anticipate this amount much greater if the holes were up. The reason I asked was I had read in other posts that there were concerns with having them...
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    MLT Manifold DIY

    Hello fellow beer makers, I am making the switch from extract to AG. Felt the need to build something this week and decided to make a manifold for my new 10g. MLT. Was wondering from your experience whether to put the holes up or down and if I should solder it or not?
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    Oxygenating tablets

    I have no objections to this system, just was wondering if there was such an item on the market as a tablet (drop it in and forget it).
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    Oxygenating tablets

    Is there such thing as a oxygenating tablet that could be added to cooled wort to bring the oxygen levels up after a long boil. I'm just thinking this as i stare down a glass of Alka-Seltzer.
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    Co2 Tank Question.

    Just got the tank re-certified and filled....$35.00. I'm ok with this just for the fact that the tank was free and the size will fit many options for dispensing. Thanks for the advice.