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    What' s up with the Garth Brooks microphone? He can' t just use a regular mike?
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    WICKED score...

    No problem. I am only using a 6 inch piece, and it works great. Plus I don' t hit when I stir up my mash.
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    If they are from your backyard I wouldn' t use them for bittering because you won' t know the IBU. Maybe buy a couple ounces from the HBS. Use your homegrown for the end.
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    WICKED score...

    Good call. Free is always the best price! The parts should work just the same. Don' t worry about it. I use a rectangular cooler also and like it a lot. I suggest a braid instead of a manifold. I got much better effeciency.
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    My hops'll beat up your hops!!

    LOL! Back when I smoked the hops cousin we used to use a lighter to show how big a bud was.:D
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    Show us your Kegerator

    Looks nice Bugeater. I really like the labels on the top, and the brewery logo looks awseome.:mug:
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    Olympic Weightlifting Mishap!

    Holy S*** my elbow hurts just thinking about it.
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    Real Ale Brewing Company (Blanco, TX)

    They had a keg of their devils backbone belgian style triple at the pizza place I go to that has a good beer selection. I really liked it. Had a good estery belgian yeast profile. Not to mention the waitress hooked me up with a 22oz for the price of a 12oz. I was a little warm after that.
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    Dry yeast Vs Liquid

    I just brewed a saison with T58 dry yeast. It has that spicy phenolic smell to it so we will see how it goes. I live in an apartment so my yeast would sit in the hot office if I ordered liquid.
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    Biggest beer

    I just bottled a 1.072 Saison that finished at 1.010. 8.21% according to Promash. I only ended up with about 3.5 gallons in the fermenter, so it only took one rehydrated pack of T-58 dry yeast and was going after 3 hours. I let it ferment at about 80 though. I was wanting to try out this yeast...
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    Animal lovers will really like this video...

    Is it just me or does the guy with long hair look like James May from Topgear
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    We're preggos!

    Congratulations! My first just turned 6 months. It' s really not as hard as everybody makes it sound. Just be ready for horrible formula burps.
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    Number Two came early

    Congratulations!! Nice to have it all over with.
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    My first label for my first all grain

    Chuck Norris tears cure cancer! Too bad he never cried.