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    HELP! Wife lost sanitizer, what else can I use

    I used the bleach just to sanitize what I needed tonight..... Another reason I do not like to use bleach at all, is I am allergic to the chlorine in it
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    HELP! Wife lost sanitizer, what else can I use

    one thing I do know is... NOT to use bleach, because of something to do with the chlorine
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    HELP! Wife lost sanitizer, what else can I use

    Wife lost my bag of sanitizer and the LHBS is closed for the weekend.... is there anything else I can use w/o affecting the quality of the beer? or is there some where else I can pick up sanitizer? any suggestions?
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    Ginger Peach Chia Mead

    she is still sitting in the basement, wondering when it will be safe to try and drink
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    Muscle Relaxers. Do they really help as an adjunct to sleep?

    I love Flexeril helps me sleep better and gets rid of my nasty tension headaches
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    Need Help With Brewery Name

    Heavy Harley Brewing Company
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    First Partial Mash

    cracked on open last night..... not so good.... got a lot of Jalapeno taste, no heat, I wanted a little bit of the heat with a mild Jalapeno taste.... Oh well... it is still drinkable as for the other 4 gallons with out anything in it turned out awesome.... I have not tried any with the ginger...
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    Salsa Recipes

    My favorite Fresh Tomato Salsa Recipe Ingredients 2 large, red ripe tomatoes, peeled and seeded 1 garlic clove peeled 1 Anaheim green chili, seeded and cut into thirds 3 green onions, cleaned and cut into 1 inch pieces 4 oz canned chopped green chilies 1 to 3 whole jalapeños, deveined and...
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    Camera suggestions?

    my Nikon D40 can be set on Auto... it is very easy to use and very affordable, and takes some awesome shots, and is always upgradeable as for point and shoots my wife has a Panasonic Lumix DMC TZ1 that is very nice, also take very nice pix
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    First Partial Mash

    bought a partial mash Continental Pilsner kit from the LHBS Brewed with a buddy (his first time) and I took about 1/2 gallon off and added half a Jalapeno I was playing with my new camera, so here is a pic
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    Who is brewing on Sunday???

    I am doing my first partial mash... it is going to be a jalapeno pilsner
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    Ginger Peach Chia Mead

    Thanks much!