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    Ss BrewTech FTSs Controller

    I've had two for a couple years and have had no issues. Hopefully it's a fluke. You did hit "set" first, right? 🙃
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    Unscented Soap for General Cleaning of Brewing Items

    If you want to avoid the PBW/chemicals, then oxi clean free or 7th gen is the way to go as Murphy noted.
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    Fermentation control for SS Brewtech 14

    I use a cooler with an aquarium heater and the FTSS. I can cool in the summer using the glycol chiller and heat in the winter using the heater/cooler combo.
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    Motorized Grain Mills: Time to show them off!

    We're witnessing something special here, a mill in its natural habitat. Extremely rare sighting! (Said with an Aussie accent)
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    Adding FTSS to Stout Conical

    Just double check the diameter to ensure everything will fit inside. You'll also want to see whether thermowells or any other pieces protruding inside could cause an issue. Lastly, you'll want to figure out an insulation solution (like could backed bubble wrap that @augiedoggy uses) to prevent...
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    Temp probe in an SS Brewtech Chronical

    As long as your temp probe's diameter fits in the thermowell you can just ditch their digital readout. It pops right off.
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    FTSs Brewtech Glycol Chiller

    They're playing off the logo which is supposed to be creating a new Stainless Steel element with a number of 304 on the periodic table. In their early marketing they commonly replaced any "ss" in words with "Ss".
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    Ss BrewTech Chronical + Pump Cart = Ultimate CIP

    Quick update, I cleaned out two chonicals last week using this pump and it continues to work great. I picked up some milk stone remover from a local dairy supply and it cleaned some old beer stone out with a simple wipe after running the solution through the CIP setup. Before: After:
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    Ss Brewtech Customer Service

    Reading through the email thread and my personal experiences with SsBrewtech and other companies like Stout, I'm sorry but I have to side with Ss. Their responses to my inquiries have been timely and more than helpful the couple times I've reached out to them. There was a small issue with my...
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    Glycol Pump for FTSs System

    Are you planning on using your glycol chiller AND the heater simultaneously? If not, you could get a small aquarium heater from Walmart or the like for about $10 and put that in the glycol reservoir in the cool months and then take it out and plug in the glycol chiller in the warm months. That...
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    Ss BrewTech Chronical + Pump Cart = Ultimate CIP

    I took a couple month hiatus while working on my basement so have only used it once. I'll be cleaning two fermenters on Friday. I didn't heat the solution but I used my tap water which comes out at about 130F.
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    Ss Brewtech Bucket - Pressurized transfers?

    They have a similar clamp system to the Chronical fermenters. I do pressurized transfers with those all the time w/o issue.
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    Using refractometer with suspended sediment?

    I just ran into this today, actually. I was making a saison with honey added. Before my boil my OG with clear wort was 1.060. About 45 mins later I took a reading before adding the honey. This time there was a considerable amount of sediment in the sample and could only get a fuzzy 1.056, which...
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    Drilling hole in stainless table

    I've had great success with my Irwin step bit. It was a bit spendy, but has lasted years drilling through both mild and stainless steel.