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    Question about Bottling

    i used a siphon and bottle filler for my first batch. By far the worst experince i've had so far with brewing. the next day i went out and bought a bottling bucket, things have been great since then.
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    God, I love the smell of hops cooking

    i can just see it now... Hop scented candles at your local walmart. :D
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    Finally ready to begin brewing

    I just started brewing this past month. i bought the deluxe kit from austin HBS and a couple recipe kits and have been very satisfied. You can't beat their flat rate shipping either.
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    My Latest Brew

    cheers looks great! :D
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    quick question.

    thanks for the quick response flyguy. you read my mind haha.
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    quick question.

    i just started my second batch yay! only problem is i forgot i only have one airlock, and i have another batch sitting in the secondary with it. my question is could i get away with putting a solid stopper on my secondary or should i go get another airlock. by the way the beer is about 3 weeks old.