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    Kansas Kolsch - Partial Mash

    A lot of people will paint a coffee can black on the inside and stick the bulbs inside that so it acts as a radiator. Seems like you could do the same with your pot. The weather this weekend is looking awesome! (I assume your in KS from the name of this beer, I live in Wichita)
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    has anyone ever used the stream line soda maker to carbonate beer

    I saw another post where a guy did it, but his point was that soda is carb'd to like 60 PSI vs the very low 2-4 volumes found in beers.
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    Kansas Kolsch - Partial Mash

    Do you have the hot side of your STC wired up? I just plug a heating pad into the hot side of mine and use that when I need to push temps upward.
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    Funny things you've overheard about beer

    Saw this the other night and just facepalmed
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    Azacca hops

    Brewed up an AIPA last weekend with Colombus and Azacca (I love doing columbus + fruity hop combos) OG 1.065 FG 1.011 73 IBU 47% Pils 32% pale malt 15% munich 6% caravienne 90 min boil .5 oz Bravo FWH (old stock I'm trying to use up) 1oz Columbus 15 min 1oz Azacca 5 min 1oz Columbus +...
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    Tasmanian IPA

    I have a friend that cloned this beer with help from the Schlafly brewers and they told him to use 4oz of dry hops/ 5G batch, FWIW.
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    Spencer Trappist Ale Yeast

    This BYO article from last spring suggests using Wyeast 3787 (Trappist High Gravity) or White Labs WLP530 (Abbey Ale) yeast for a clone recipe. It seems they're very guarded when it comes to naming the actual strain, but it's the same as a "family yeast" used in related Trappist breweries.
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    what scale to buy?

    You can't beat the good ol' blade scale for small increments. I weigh my hops on one of these all the time. <$10 + Prime eligible
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    Cold crash MAYDAY

    I've had a couple beers that I set out in the garage to cold crash freeze on me in the past, it'll be fine. Let it thaw and package it up!
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    Colorado Beer

    Gotta chime in and mention Renegade Brewing Co. Elevation E3 Triple IPA, Consilium Pale Ale, Redacted Rye IPA are all great beers that they distribute in cans. Recently had a Coffee Pale Ale on tap called Hiatus that was very tasty. They just started distributing here in KS a couple months...
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    little galaxy ale

    Schlafly T-IPA is a SMaSH beer that is 2-row and Galaxy. A lot depends on what style you want to do and what abv your shooting for. I'd personally do a nice little session APA/IPA kinda thing. An OG around 1.035-1.040. 1/2oz of Galaxy FWH, 1/2oz @ 5-10 min, 1-2oz whirlpool/steep, + dry hop...
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    All Grain is closed AFAIK, and my dad just told me over the weekend that the Downtown Craft Brew place has super limited hours (like only open Tue-Fri or something). You basically have to call the guy and he'll come open the shop for you.
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    efficiency improvement

    LHBS mills are pretty notorious for being bad. People mess with the gaps and they rarely get checked. Either have them check and adjust the gap before milling, or run the grain through twice for a better crush.
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    What is going on with my yeast?

    It appears ChemiPro is a cleaner and not a sanitizer. Are you using StarSan or Iodaphor or bleach to sanitize the bottles? You don't describe the off-flavor, so that makes it pretty hard to pinpoint what it could be. What does it taste like? Medicinal, band-aid, cardboard?
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    Vermont Ale Yeast - Gravity Question - Heady Clone

    I've read that the Big Mouth Bubbler lids may not seal perfectly leading to very little if any airlock activity. What temp did you ferment at? I'd say let it sit and check it again in a few days. You most likely have fermentation occurring, it's just that the CO2 is leaking out around...