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    Question about secondary fermenters

    I brewed a wheat beer recently and it is only my 4th brew. I used an extract recipe and fermentation started quickly and the beer looked great. The problem is it tells me to put it in a secondary fermenter after about a week and I don't have another carboy. What exactly does transferring the...
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    Over Carbonation

    They aren't infected they tasted great. As far as my FG I think it was a bit off, which may be the problem. As soon as I crack the top open it turns into a volcano. I haven't tried chilling them for a long time yet but I suppose I will throw some in the fridge right now, will this keep them...
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    Over Carbonation

    I brewed an IPA a couple months ago and was very excited and finally ready to try it and the first one I opened spewed everywhere, as did the following 3. What happened to make them so over carbonated? I used the normal amount of priming sugar, the only difference I had from any other beer I...
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    Brewery names--what's your story?

    I can't decide on my name maybe y'all can help. It's between 1)Stonewall Brewery, for the name of my street and because it's a cool name. Or 2)Twin Falls Brewery, named after these two waterfalls here in Arkansas that you have to hike deep in the woods to see, and it's a bitch of a hike...
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    What is your ring tone?

    Kenny Rogers - The Gambler Lil Wayne - Misunderstood
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    Problem pitching yeast

    Well after I pitched the yeast I put my carboy with my others and I'm sure it cooled down to 70-72 quickly. Also, when I woke up this morning I had a nice head of fermentation foam and my airlock was bubbling so I think it turned out ok. Thanks for the help.
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    Problem pitching yeast

    Today I did a Fat Tire clone and at the very end had an emergency and had to pitch the yeast at 85 degrees. What problems is this going to have with my turnout? Thanks for the help.
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    Need art for your labels?

    Welcome to the HBT site. I was messaging about your good artwork for lables and was wondering if you would mind designing a style for me. I don't really know what I'm looking for so I was wondering if you already had some ideas layed out in your mind. Let me know what you think. Harrison
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    Question about bottling

    I was wondering more on the lines of if I could store it in the refrigerator. I need to make room for other bottles to age and don't have a place to put the ones I have.
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    Question about bottling

    Hey I'm pretty new to home brewing and I have some bottles of Nut Brown Ale that I made from a starter kit. They have been in bottles for about 3 weeks now and I was wondering if and when I should start storing them in the refrigerator. Thanks.
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    Beginner Question about Secondary Fermenter

    Hey guys, I just recently started home brewing and am still trying to get the hang of things. Should I only use a 5gal as my secondary fermenter? I have a 6.5Gal glass carboy that I would like to use as my secondary fermenter for a 5gal IPA brew, would this work? Thanks for the help...