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    New Mangrove Jack's strains?

    I am holding an unopened packet MJ31 bought at texas farmboy shop in Houston..shall I brew with it?
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    converting/cleaning an old gas cylinder

    My brew club gas been able to buy old gas (N,O and H) cylinders and by removing the outer shell end up with 60G boil pots and slightly smaller INNER CHAMBERS and have used such x 18+ years brewing a dozen times/year. I recently found and dissected a smaller one, gaining a nice IMMACULATE 11 g...
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    Found a new technique for chilling

    From the Gulf Coast- posted again..sorry...but it's still true
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    Found a new technique for chilling

    From the Gulf Coast-Prechiller heresy-prechilling the COOLANT in a Cu tube in ice bath does NOT really work efficiently since it requires the coolant to be kept to a trickle which defeats the rapid coolant flow needed;in the extreme of ZERO flow (a terrible situation for chilling the wort) the...
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    Cheapest way to mill your own grain

    I have friend a few mile away who has a mill and a couple of times when I wanted to use it he was busy/out of town,etc.I felt like someone who was borrowing a friend's lawn mower.My brewclub has LOT of stuff including a mill but then I have to drive 30 mins to get the key to the storage locker...
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    Water(less) Wort Chiller

    I probably spend 4x more time building stuff than brewing and applaud your approach!!-I tried freezing a coil in a bucket and then trickling wort thru it and it worked well but it will need some agitation to circulate the heat away from the tube and to maximize the effect from melting.It is...
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    BeerTools software/Turbinado Sugar help

    Might want to try Steen's syrup which I expect U can find in PC=-all over New Orleans-25% non fermentables according to them..I plan to use for my next porter/brown ale
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    Cheapest way to mill your own grain

    I got a free Corona a couple of years ago and then being a curious type searched the Web and including local friends found about 40 who had sung it's praises.I wrote to all and asked "do u still use it? If not,why not?" 38 replied and 36 no longer used it because it didn't work well!! If U are...