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    is a tds meter much use?

    Best thing to do with an RO system is to run it! I've told people over the last 20 years that the best thing you can do to help your RO work correctly is to use it. (Within reason.) The best thing you can do with an RO system is run it often. Drain it weekly to get more "cleaning" on your...
  2. Hackwood

    How to make a traditional Welsh Ale

    Getting back into brewing so this will HAVE to happen. Thanks all. :)
  3. Hackwood

    Chimay Grand Reserve Clone?

    Sorry for bumping an old thread, but this COULD have possibly been my best beer ever brewed..... I aged the heck out of it and finally ran empty right about the 3 year mark. This beer got better and better as time went on. No joke. The last pull was a growler for my buddy helping me move and he...
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    Just like jlinz I also just pulled the trigger on a Grainfather. Couldn't pass up the discount. Added in a Graincoat and should be minimizing my brew equipment in the near future. Been thinking about getting a GF since they came out and am excited to finally get to put it through it's paces. On...
  5. Hackwood

    What came in the mail for you today?

    A/C Compressor clutch for my 04 Mach 1. (I know, not beer related, but it is all that came in the mail for me today....)
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    What are you doing instead of brewing this weekend?

    Eff this thread, I'm brewing this weekend. Son's birthday or not.........
  7. Hackwood

    What's the beer you keep brewing over and over again?

    Nothing on-tap currently due to career change and bought and sold homes. I stumbled across a recipe in Beersmith called "Brian's Best Bitter"(long story here) and have almost always had it on tap. Love the taste and MAN is it good. Never knew I was a fan of bitters until I HAD to make this beer...
  8. Hackwood

    What's the beer you keep brewing over and over again?

    I have a feeling that once I get this one down I am GONE! It's my favorite beer right now. :)
  9. Hackwood

    What came in the mail for you today?

    3 kits. Bavarian Kolsch, American Pale ale and a Sottish Ale. <----- That makes for a "Happy Me!
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    I have a slight OCD...

    My OCD really helps with my brewing. In "normal" life I am NOT the most sanitary person. We'll leave that at that. But when it comes to making beer I tend to be WAAAAAY overboard. If I even THINK I might have touched something after the boil I pretty much cleanse myself and everything else with...
  11. Hackwood

    Wanting to get back into brewing

    I'm another that has taken the past year off from brewing(career change and sold and bought a new home). Buckled down enough to get back to brewing so I hit up "What Ales Ya" here in Phoenix and purchased a kit. American Pale Ale to get me going. I then stumbled upon a "Label Peelers" deal that...
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    Infection or normal?

    Looks perfect. Sanitize the lid, put it back on and leave it alone. 3 weeks! Got it?!
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    THAT GUY at the brewery tour.

    Only been on 3 tours(loved them all), 2 times through Phoenix Ale and the other in a small town between Vegas and Reno. Can't remember the name. I'm, kind of, "that guy" every time. I LOVE the setups and turn into a little kid smiling from ear to ear and pointing and explaining what I can to...
  14. Hackwood

    The Forum Bitter Thread

    Just here to see if one exists. Love me some bitters.....
  15. Hackwood

    Starsan Caps $uck!

    Happened to mine as well. I never REALLY tighten the cap, but went to get it a while back and it was broke. I, like others, thought it was just me......