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    NorcalBrewing Solutions Giveaway!

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    Posca (Sour Wine) Experiment

    Interesting experiment. Please post more results as they progress.
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    EBY/BBA Brettanomyces Experiment

    Have emailed Sam? He may be able to replace them. I don't have 001 or 007 or I would send some along. Mini Update: Pitched my five on 8/30 (late into the night). I was surprised to see that 008, which Sam had informed may lag a while, was active. 052 was also active (more so).
  4. gwood

    EBY/BBA Brettanomyces Experiment

    Samples received today. Everything was fine! Thanks Sam! Excited to get going.
  5. gwood

    EBY/BBA Brettanomyces Experiment

    I concur. I would be happy to do so as well.
  6. gwood

    Making new beer from an old beer.

    Subbed. I've got three almost full kegs that were pulled out of my fridge during a recent move. They've been sitting in the garage under pressure for six months and I haven't had the heart to check them (much less dump). Maybe I should say F it and give them a potential new lease on life ;)
  7. gwood

    EBY/BBA Brettanomyces Experiment

    Thanks for doing this Sam. I've enjoyed your blog for a while now and I'm looking forward to contributing.
  8. gwood

    EBY/BBA Brettanomyces Experiment

    Just signed up: EBY08, EBY10, EBY11, EBY12, and EBY 13. As of a few minutes ago it appears that 8, 11, and 13 are the last available. I'd be willing to trade with folks after the test batch is done.
  9. gwood

    Anybody else using BKYeast's Cantillon Brett?

    I have all three and have stepped them up but have yet to brew. I'll post results.
  10. gwood

    Brewers Publications and American Sours!

    ^THIS^ Sign me up for two copies!
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    color change after bottling

    1) I'd have to reference my notes, but will do so when I have access (on a plane right now). From memory, the beer was driven by classic Brett characteristics, which were WAY over the top due to the fact that the beer was left out in high temps (high 90's!) for several days during active...
  12. gwood

    color change after bottling

    I've had the same experience on a Saison with Brett B that I made. It transitioned from a very light colored beer (simple pils and wheat grist) to a dark purple(y) color. I don't have a pic on my iPad, but I tweeted a photo of the beer after it had darkened...
  13. gwood

    100% Brett Cider

    I'm curious to hear about your results. I've been considering doing something similar with some of the bottle cultures I've been holding onto (3F, Cantillon, and a Berliner)
  14. gwood

    ECY20 Bug Country recipe ideas

    Just pulled my first sample last night since brew day (first week of Jan or around there, would have to look at my notes) Progressing quite nicely. Strong tartness, boarding on sour already. Very slight cherry pie with big stone fruits in the finish. Interesting nose, has slight baking spice...
  15. gwood

    Fast Lacto & Brett

    http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/13867448 Cool vid on the subject