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    How many gallons of homebrew in 2010?

    31448 + at least 20 since last post = 31468
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    Classic Style Smoked Beer Loon Lake Smoked Porter (Award Winner)

    I did not secondary this last time I made it. I think if I wanted to drop out as much yeast as possible I might do something like that however it does need to age a little longer imo. It was great bottled after 3 weeks but give it even an extra week or two and this beer is superb. It is a...
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    Bottled a wee heavy yesterday and almost fainted

    On the other hand whenever I hear of people oxygenating their wort with pure O2 I just think how much O2 I would burn through if I had that setup.
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    Water bottle as a primary

    Yeah my bottle is number 7 (other)I am not worried about leeching into my beer. Not to say it dosen't happen and the acidic nature of beer may speed up the process but I dont think it leaches nearly as fast as we have been led to believe and im not going to worry myself with it. We are far more...
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    Water bottle as a primary

    I use water bottles to ferment/age my Apfelwine and have no oxidation problems. I also use them to secondary beer when I need. I reuse them with no problems.
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    Odd surface scum, look at my fermentation please

    Looks normal to me. Looks like yest flocculating and has just not fallen out yet because it is probably flled with co2 and is remaining boyant, the foam is probably the last remnants of fermantation and degassing. I get 'scum' like that sometimes and it dosent change a thing.
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    Cream Ale Cream of Three Crops (Cream Ale)

    Single infusion means there is no temperature change or water additions throughout the mash. IE You pick a single mash temperature and thats what it stays at throughout the mashing process. There will still be a sparge(whether it be fly or batch sparge). Maize = corn
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    New AG brewer, 2nd AG in the fermenter....

    Yeah let us know how things turn out next go around. When you go to the LHBS don't be afraid to ask for a re-run if you feel your crush isint up to snuff. My LHBS crusher is getting old and they run my grain twice almost every time for me.
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    New AG brewer, 2nd AG in the fermenter....

    What was your pre-boil volume? You said this is a 2.5 gal batch and you boiled down to 3.75 gals. Seems like a 45 min boil would not boil off more than a gallon so if you ended up with 3 gallons in the fermenter you were at 71%. So some of your woes could be in volume miscalculation? I usually...
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    Cream Ale Cream of Three Crops (Cream Ale)

    I did a 60 min boil and it came out fine, and it was closer to a simmer than a boil.
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    a 4 week spring ale?

    Almost any wheat beer could probably make that time hack pretty easily, Cream of Three Crops isint bad at 4 weeks. Any pale/amber ale that isint in the extremes and that uses a clean yeast would def. be drinkable at 4 weeks. I made Kierans Irish Immagrant Ale and started to drink it young and it...
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    New AG brewer, 2nd AG in the fermenter....

    Sounds about right, since you are using the BiaB method you will probably loose some %. And if you really used 6 pounds of 2 row for a 2.5 gallon batch you would end up with about 1.065 - 1.07 OG if you got 75% eff.
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    Saw an AWESOME irish band last night...

    Thanks, thats one reason I haven't done the beer. No idea how to approach it. I am going to just add my chilies to the boil as well like you did. maybe ill dry-chilie some if they don't come out enough.
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    Will a homebrew bumper sticker help to get me pulled over?

    I am very selective of a sticker I may put on my car and I put them on my window that way a razor and some goof-off can easily make it so it was never there.