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    will my temp control plan work?

    i am a poor college student and barely managed to scrape together a keggerator and pay the extra electric bills. i keep hearing that i need to control my fermentation temps and i want to try. I was thinking since its the very beggining of fermentation that gets the hottest and has the most...
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    what will filtering water change?

    glad to hear some love of chemistry as i am a chem major. Thanks for all the responses. I do all grain and have just been adjusting the ph of my water so if i switched to a filter and still adjusted ph it would just improve the quality?
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    what will filtering water change?

    Greetings once more! I havent been on in a while due to a very intense semester of chemistry but I am back to brewing and once again have questions. I was thinking of buying a water filter for my brewing but wondered if that would change things about my water i can not measure. I have a water...
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    What do I need to become a professional brewer?

    there was a brewery around here, buckhead brewery, but its gone. there are no breweries at all around tallahassee anymore.
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    What do I need to become a professional brewer?

    I want to brew beer for a living either as a brewmaster somewhere or open my own brewery one day. I switched my major to food science which means i now have three more years of college and after that i was planning on going to a brew school. Is that all it takes or should I be doing something...
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    alright whos guilty?

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    Priming Apfelwein

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    why are they called corona mills?

    is there some affiliation w/ the beer?
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    Aroma hops question

    i dont know the scientific explaination but the aromas are boiled out quickly so if you boil the hops longer the aromas will actually boil away
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    how much sugar

    how much sugar should i use to prime 4 gallons of cider in a keg?
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    A few Questions

    dont worry either way but i would suggest next time u dry hop to wait until there is zero fermentation otherwise the aroma can be carried away by co2
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    AB brewmasters special reserve

    it cost me like $9 but i had to try it and it wasnt that bad. it wasnt as good as spaten or something like that that is a quarter of the price but it wasnt bad.
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    Samuel Adams Winter Lager

    i think it is a pretty decent brew