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    Are You Filtering Water for Extract Brewing

    My tap water has Chlorine and floride in it and proabably a bunch of other chemicals. I spend the 5$ and buy bottled water. since the water is only about 10 cents a beer I figure it's worth it.
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    Surely somebody has already done this...

    If you are going to age that long i would make at least 21 bottles, so Junior can have one on his 21st. Maybe it will get him(or her) into Homebrewing.
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    Alcohol or Good Tasting Beer

    As a noob I like to hit OG so I get an idea of what that OG/FG tastes like. It's also about making sure I did everything right. So when I try a new style I have an idea of how heavy I want it to be. And if I finally make something I really like I’ll be sure to try to hit that OG when I make the...
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    How many gallons of homebrew in 2009?

    5 Pale ale 5 Almost Sierra Nevada pale ale clone 3 Blueberry ale 5 Summer wheat 5 English pub 5 Extra pale ale 5 Steam experiment 5 Pumpkin ale 5 Cranberry wheat 5 Chocolate stout. 48 + 26460 = 26508
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    Is this a crazy idea?

    1. I would never dump a beer, unless you are 110% certain it is infected (contaminated). And only if it became infected. Even if the beer came out tasting funky there are other things you could do to fix it. 2. More details? What size is the batch? What other ingredients? I’m assuming you...
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    Replacing buckets?

    The number of uses is irrelevant. i would replace it if it gets to scratched up or if it gets too smelly.
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    Pumpkin ale

    I just tasted an ale i did with pumpkin. i didn't bake and used 29 oz out of a can + cinnamon and Brown sugar. the taste is barely noticable but it is a nice beer. So +1 on the baking or adding more.
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    Extract Chocolate stout

    Here is what I came up with and looking for suggestions since this is my first stout. I am looking for a nice chocolate flavor with hints of caramel. 16 oz. Crystal malt 60L 12 oz Chocolate malt (should I make it more?) 3 Lbs. light DME 3.3 Lbs. Dark LME 16 oz baker’s chocolate...
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    Ale Pail Leaks

    Mine had two gaskets, one on the inside and one on the outside. do you have both?
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    Do you prefer LME or DME

    I like LME because it's easier to pour into the brew pot. I find that the bags DME comes in can be a little clumsy (but that's just me). But i find that DME is easier to store, which is helpful when buying in bulk. and it's also easier to measure odd amounts (+1) so i guess in general i like...
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    Any good Thanksgiving Beer Recipes?

    You can brew something with cranberries that will give them a taste of new England. I’m planning on doing a pumpkin ale and a cranberry wheat.
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    Great HOP pricing going on!

    I think that if we should ever meet the_Roqk in person we should cut him a little slice for all of the money he saved us. :) :mug:
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    Great HOP pricing going on!

    True. I bought 1 lb. each Hallertau and Cascade. for less than 20$. anyone know how much shippign was?
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    yeast in secondary

    ok sounds good, thanks!!
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    yeast in secondary

    N00b question: This is my first time using a secondary fermentor (this is my seventh batch so far) and I noticed there is a little bit of sediment at the bottom of the carboy. Is this ok? I thought the idea of racking was to get it off the yeast. Is it possible I aerated too much during...