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    You know you're a home brewer when?

    Catch yourself laying on the ground watching yeast go haywire in the carboy for 20+ minutes. It's like a huge, biological, beer producing lava lamp.
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    This site taught me how to brew. I'm now the VP of my area's 20+ year old brew club.

    So long as you're having fun, that's all that matters. :mug:
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    This site taught me how to brew. I'm now the VP of my area's 20+ year old brew club.

    Also, pardon my shameless, blatant promotion, but: Our annual BrewFest is quickly approaching and we're taking registration from anyone who'd like to enter. If you're interested, you can register on DRAFT's website. This competition is our annual "moneymaker" and usually ensures we have rent...
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    This site taught me how to brew. I'm now the VP of my area's 20+ year old brew club.

    As the title says, I started brewing with the help of this site and Papa Charlie's book "The Complete Joy Of Homebrewing Vol 3". If all goes according to tradition, I'll be the President of my homebrew club, DRAFT come January. So, I'd just like to say "thank you". Homebrewers are a rare...
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    What are you drinking now?

    A lot of my new English Bitter. Beers like this make me wish I was set up for 10+ gallons.
  6. greencoat

    Gunslinger's Graff

    <3 I need to revisit this sucker!
  7. greencoat

    Blonde Ale Bitter Blonde

    I'd do a partial mash, but just replace the 2-Row with a can of the lightest LME you can find. The MO won't have any issues converting itself.
  8. greencoat

    Dayton's biggest homebrew comp is coming - and you should enter!

    Heya, Buckeye brothers (and sisters!) Dayton's largest (only?) homebrew club, DRAFT will be holding it's annual BrewFest competition on Saturday, September 14th. It's open to all styles and brewers from everywhere. You can register online at DRAFT's website. Also, for what it's worth...
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    Blonde Ale Bitter Blonde

    I finally got around to brewing this again, except using the new WLP 090 yeast. I'm drinking the first fully-carbed pint from the keg. I forgot how much I love this beer! The MO really came through this time and it's wonderful. I'd recommend this recipe to a friend.
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    So I make these tongue-in-cheek beer reviews...

    Thought you fellas might enjoy some video beer reviews that aren't super dry, or done by someone that takes their hobby too seriously. Or you might hate it - and that cool. Cheers!
  11. greencoat

    Blonde Ale Bitter Blonde

    WLP001, I'm sure US-05 will yield similar results.
  12. greencoat

    Blonde Ale Bitter Blonde

    And on that note, the keg is kicked. I need to re-brew!
  13. greencoat

    Blonde Ale Bitter Blonde

    Here's a pint of the Amarillo/Cascade/Simcoe batch. I took a growler to my last club meeting, people seemed to dig it!
  14. greencoat

    Blonde Ale Bitter Blonde

    I'm drinking a pint of the simcoe variation right now - it's really tasty! Again, it isn't overly bitter at all. I gave my BMC boss a bottle after he found out I was a homebrewer, now he's wanting to "donate" to my brewery for a growler fill. That said - I think I'll stick with the...