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    NorcalBrewing Solutions Giveaway!

    Love me some stainless
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    Will Kenmore 8.8 fit 3 gallon kegs on the hump?

    I've been looking around at various keezer builds with the Kenmore 8.8 chest freezer, but I haven't seen anyone storing 3 gal cornies on the hump (without a collar). Anyone able to try or measure this? Thanks!
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    Keg only holds pressure above 15-20 psi

    Yep, that's your best bet. Need to bend those feet so that the lid exerts more pressure when it's it's in the locked position. When you put 30 psi on it, that gas pressure is helping to force the lid up on the rim of the mouth, creating the seal. Other option might be checking if the main...
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    Experimental Hops!! FHBS

    Great, keep us updated!
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    Florida Hop Stopper for Blichmann kettle

    bump for price drop
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    Safale US-05 yeast for IPA?

    Yes, if do a minimum of searching you will see that this is probably the most popular yeast used for hoppy American ales... It will ferment clean and neutral at the proper temperature. But on a different subject, why are you using 7.5 g and not the whole 11.5 g sachet?
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    Florida Hop Stopper for Blichmann kettle

    I'm selling a Hop Stopper (as seen here: http://www.theelectricbrewery.com/hop-stopper) that is configured for use in Blichmann kettles sized 10-30 gals. The diptube slides into the ball valve port for a snug fit. This worked well for my setup as long as I did not recirculate wort in the kettle...
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    HomeBrewTalk 2013 Big Giveaway!

    Great spread, wow.
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    Looking to get my IPAs out of the mid-30's.

    A couple questions... Are you using hop bags? muslin? nylon? stainless strainer? I think being able to throw your late additions (i.e. < 5 mins) directly into wort can make a big difference vs being bound up in a bag. Leaf or pellet? Typically you see literature telling us that pellet hops...
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    Hop utilisation in different styles of beer.

    Could be a number of things. The malt choices/amounts could tipping the balance toward the malt. Could be your water profile is favoring the malt sweetness vs the hop bitterness in terms of taste perception. Increasing gravity does suppress hop utilization, but I don't think it would be...
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    Hop utilisation in different styles of beer.

    How much dark crystal/chocolate malt was in the batch?