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    Homebrew at bachelor party (selling tickets)

    well, if I consider the homebrew a gift to the bachelor... and if he decides to share with the people who came to his party... no issue there, right?
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    Homebrew at bachelor party (selling tickets)

    so I'm throwing a bachelor party for my best friend and he asked that I bring homebrew... I plan on bringing my kegerator and two kegs and having the taps open for whoever wants it in addition to a few cases of commercial beer. My question is, since I'm selling tickets to the party (as per...
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    Pumpkin Ale problems

    my only failed batch was a pumpkin... stuck mash, dumped mash back and forth between mash tun and 5 gallon bucket, finally mashed out then the sparge stuck too. After 3 hours I gave up and dumped it. I was inconsolable.... Rice hulls (recommend a full pound for 5 gallons...) are required.
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    Autumn Seasonal Beer Punkin' Ale

    Brewed my own modified version of this recipe. my first ten gallon batch... the first time I brewed this as a five gallon, it came out great. Check out my blog post: Hop River Ales: Pumpkin Ale... First Ten Gallon Brewday!!! I posted my own recipe, but I give due credit to Reno eNVy's...
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    Thermapen deal to good to be true?

    figures... thanks terrapinj
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    Thermapen deal to good to be true?

    am I missing something here?? is this for real??
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    Is secondary fermentation necessary with cloudy beers?

    Many people on here don't think secondary is necessary on any beer.Some only secondary when dry hopping or adding fruit. Personally, I haven't used a secondary in probably ten batches, and I get clear beer if I'm patient enough. But to answer your original question, def not necessary on a cloudy...
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    High FG?

    I never had a batch finish l lower than 1.018 when I was doing extract. And from what I read this is a very common thing. It wasn't until I went AG that I started getting the lower FG I wanted.
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    Favorite Homebrewing Blogs

    great thread... some here I already follow, but lots of new stuff to look at. good thing I'm bored at work. Also, I'll plug my own too if that's cool... HopRiverAles
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    I don't take gravity readings anymore

    I could see brewing that way for extract... But not for All Grain. You say there isn't anything you can do about it anyway... you can learn, and adapt your techniques for the next batch. How are you going to know that your process is on track if you have no idea what your efficiency or...
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    Working out ABV I use this...
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    Saison fermentation temps

    well, my saison held at 83 for 3 days while actively fermenting... after that it settled down to 80 and stayed there for 4 more days. I took my gravity reading 1.002 at 80 degrees! Krausen had fallen and it's already starting to clear. meanwhile, my aquarium heater quit again and temp fell to...
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    Saison fermentation temps

    not worried (also having a homebrew...) just wondering when temp control doesn't really matter anymore.
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    Saison fermentation temps

    I have a saison in primary for three days now. Using wyeast 3711. pitched at 75 with the intent to hold it there for a day before raising to 80, but temp fell to 68 for twelve hours due to my aquarium heater (in a swamp cooler setup) not working. I got it working and raised back to 75 for...