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    Defrosting a frozen pig.

    I know the pig is gutted and all that -- would it be recommended to submerge it partially in water (like you might do with a turkey at Thanksgiving)? I'm doing this research now, knowing that no one else is really giving it much thought. I figure that it's going to take a good week to thaw...
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    Defrosting a frozen pig.

    What had happened was that a pig had been ordered -- and a "fresh" pig was requested -- but what arrived was frozen. So we figured, rather than screw around with returning it, we'd still use it.
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    Defrosting a frozen pig.

    I did some Googling but found nothing, so I thought I'd ask the experts. :) My restaurant has recently purchased a 93-lb. pig in the hopes to roast it on the 21st or 22nd. However, it showed up completely frozen. Can anyone tell me how long it might take to thaw this thing out? I'm...
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    Should I open a Supply Shop?

    A lot of people have had some great bits of advice. Doing your homework is essential with any business, as is making sure you've got the clientele to keep you in business. It's not like having a gym, where someone gets a membership and pays you even if they don't show up to work out. Maybe...
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    True Brew IPA "Maestro" kit

    For mine, I boiled the first ounce of hops around 45 minutes (listed in the directions) but boiled the finishing hops for roughly 10-12 minutes (whereas it said in the directions to only boil them for...1-2?). That seemed awfully light to me. I didn't bother with the oak chips. It seemed...
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    True Brew IPA "Maestro" kit

    I have to chime in -- I just tasted some of mine 8 days after the bottling. Mine was good (for a 70 degree ale); good flavor so far, mildly hoppy (though I boiled the finishing hops for much longer than the directions said to). I'm going to give it a while longer (maybe a couple of weeks?)...
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    HBT Contest - Win a Lifetime Membership

    An art installation of sorts -- a player piano set on fire outside my apartment building back in early 2000.
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    Do you have a plan?

    I think it depends partially on what happens to my loved ones. Do I try to save them and then get to safety? Or do I presume they've already been under attack while at work or home, and break out on my own to get to safety? I live in an apartment, which presumably would not be the safest...
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    Music Match

    Burn the Witch - Queens of the Stone Age
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    Homebrewing Blogs, HBT members and otherwise...

    I was looking around the internet (and people's sigs) to see if anyone kept blogs of their homebrewing exploits. I've started one myself (see my signature) but would like to be able to link to blogs that are generally well-kept. (Meaning that if you haven't blogged in a year or so, there ain't...
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    True Brew IPA "Maestro" kit

    I'm glad you posted the results. I was intending on bottling my beer from the carboy this Sunday, but since the ferment on mine seems to have started up again slightly (not quite sure why) and the current gravity is around 1.020-1.018, I'm giving it a couple more days. I may have missed...
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    Critique my n00bish recipe.

    How much more would you add? A pound? 2#?
  13. grasseriver

    Critique my n00bish recipe.

    Yeah, my Super Styrians are only 7.0% -- none of the default Alpha percentages were equal to what I've actually got.
  14. grasseriver

    Critique my n00bish recipe.

    Well, plugging in the numbers of the new version of said recipe, it drops the IBU to 38. That's still good by me. :)
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    Critique my n00bish recipe.

    So then the recipe would look something like: 2# Crystal 10 1/2# CaraPils 7# Amber DME 1oz Super Styrians @60min 1oz Super Styrians @30min 1oz Bramling Cross @20min 1oz Willamette @10min (These hop additions would be subject to change to lower the IBU's from my original recipe...