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    # of standard beers at a pub

    When you start why not go with a good variety of 8-10 beers that aren't seasonal. Then make a decision based on what your customers buy. And then add in the seasonal beers after you get your research in. Around here there is a local brewery that you pretty much have to have on tap. Its...
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    Active Breweries in the Northeast?

    I live in Utica, so I'll speak up on the ones I know about, although the link ksbrain posted does have most of the ones I know of. If you are in Central New York I highly recommend the Brewery Ommegang. The Cooperstown Brewery is small but located so close to Ommegang it is worth it. The F.X...
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    Best place to drink beer

    My father and I have a tradition of cracking open a beer after putting our tags on a deer. Time of day does not matter. So nothing is better than looking at two deer on the pole at 8 in the morning while drinking a brew. That first sip of "Deer Beer" is awesome.
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    CNY Hop Fest

    I haven't personally been to this event, 2009 Hop Fest But it is local for a bunch of CNY'ers and there are some free events. I am curious about the Hop Queen. A brief list of participating breweries. (Apparently subject to change.) Brewery Ommegang Butternuts Beer & Ale DogFish...
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    Visiting Ithaca Beer - Suggestions?

    Wagner Valley is about 25 miles from Ithaca and they have some pretty good brews. Maybe check them out next time you are staying over. Wagner Vineyards - About the Brewery
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    Is this how saisons taste?

    I will second the Ommegang recommendation for a good example of the style.
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    What beer got you into this?

    My brother got me a beers of the world subscription. That changed my life. I still remember the first Shipyard Porter I had, and going Wow. Until then my go to beer was Michelob's Amberbock.
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    List your favorite 3 beers

    1. Ommegang Abbey Ale 2. Keegan Ales Mothers Milk 3. Smuttynose Shoals Pale Ale (I also really like their Old Brown Dog) but was trying to pick a variety.)
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    First batch-SG stuck after moving to secondary

    I am new to this so one of the more experienced brewers can correct me if I am on the wrong track… When checking your FG are you accounting for the temperature of the wort? It sounds like there may be a fifteen degree difference from when you pitched to when you checked your FG. I suck at...
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    kits that have fruit in them

    I used the same Brewer's Best Weizenbier kit as babyboy, only I added the zest of 4 oranges and 4 lemons. It came out pretty good. I based it off one of the recipes in the recipes section.
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    Imperial Stout Bottle Bomb Concerns...

    In addition to the plastic bags, I condition my bottles in six pack holders, inside an old 12/24 case. My thought is the bit of cardboard from the sixer will help to keep the glass contained.
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    You know you are a new parent homebrewer when.....

    Keegan Ales already makes a brew buy that name. It's one of my favorites. Makes me wonder what they put in it now. Keegan Ales | Our Beer
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    google maps of your local LHBS

    Bottom of the Barrel 1736 Mt. Hope Ave. Oneida N.Y. 13421
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    Brewery Tour MD & DE

    Pottsville PA is home of Americas Oldest Brewery Yuengling. Never taken a tour, but enjoy their lager. Or as a friend from Philly calls it Pennsylvania Gatorade. I've been to a brew pub in Philly. I can't remember the name though maybe some locals Philly phanatics can help out.
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    Favorite Commercial Brews

    I'm a fan of Saranac's products. It probably helps that the brewery is only minutes from my house. (I can't wait until the mass produce their Irish Red.) I also really like Smuttynose and Ommegang.