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    How to make Scoby without using kombucha as starter?

    I hope this is not a duplicate topic, but I'd like to make/grow a Scoby from scratch. I know that I need to obtain cultures, but can I get these from a source other than kombucha. I guess I kinda feel like I'm taking a shortcut by starting with someone else's kombucha!
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    100% Trader Joe's Cider

    I just bottled some honey crisp cider from TJs...the best I've ever made! So much so, that I just started another 5gal batch! Best of luck! Sent from my iPad using Home Brew
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    Best option to raise pH, cherry wine?

    I have a 3 month old cherry wine. Using color test strips, I've measured the pH to be between 2.5 and 3! Thinking this could not be true, I purchased a second pH testing's true! What is my best option to raise my pH? I've heard a few mention potassium carbonate? On the same note...
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    Toasted Almonds in Cherry Wine?

    Thank you. I have decided against the addition of almonds in the primary. I plan on splitting my secondary into two, and add almonds to one of them. Your almond mead thread provided me with the insight I needed. Thanks again!
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    Toasted Almonds in Cherry Wine?

    Last night I started a 5 gallon batch of tart cherry wine. I was considering adding toasted almonds, but didn't really know how to go about it. I was planning on toasting almond slices. Should I dump them into the carboy, or contain them in a bag? Should I over toast them to really bring...
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    blueberry wine

    Dougen, please be sure to let us know how this tastes at bottling. I tried a 1 gallon batch using Trader Joe's "Blueberry Estate". I have to smile a bit as I type this (because I'm still in disbelief), but mine tastes a lot like hot dogs! My wine is still young (pitched yeast in late Dec)...
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    Temp changes during fermentation, low temps this winter

    Perfect! Thank you for the reply. To be honest, I do not know if my garage will drop into freezing temps. I'll have to monitor it this year. I've decided to place my carboys and buckets up on top of the work bench for the time being. Thank you again for the reply!
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    Temp changes during fermentation, low temps this winter

    I picked up this hobby over the summer...started in my garage. Living in Oregon, we are starting to hit freezing temps at night (but high 60s during the day). I have decided to leave one 5 gallon carboy (waiting to clear) in the garage, hoping the temp changes at night will aid clearing. I...
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    Adding alcohol back in to raise ABV ???

    Great suggestions, thank you! I should also add that this is apple wine. Having said that, what would be the best alcohol to add in?
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    Adding alcohol back in to raise ABV ???

    Started a new batch in a bucket, and apparently I only made about 4 gallons. After two weeks my abv was at 11%. Perfect! Here is the problem I've created: After two weeks I racked the 4 gallons into a 5 gal carboy. Keep in mind that I am new to wine making. In an effort to minimize the...
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    Can I open my fermentation bucket?

    Thank you everyone for the reassurance...sure enough, it started bubbling away after about 24 hours. For the 1st 24 hours the smell was very sweet. Now, at 36 hours I do smell the sulfur with my nose next to the air lock. Thanks again!
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    Can I open my fermentation bucket?

    Hi everyone! I started my first batch of wine last night (Apfelwein recipe from this site) in a fermentation bucket. I see a lot of people say things like "it's still bubbling away". Even after several hours, I don't hear or see any bubbling. Should I open the bucket to check things out, or...