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    What to do with a bucket that's had an infection

    Sounds good. Yeah I think I will replace the spigot.
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    What to do with a bucket that's had an infection

    So I got an infection. It's in a brand new bucket too! It does have a plastic spigot as well. I suspected a bad batch of yeast due to no airlock activity after 4 days so I took a gravity sample through the spigot. Not sure if that's how I introduced the nasties or when I pitched new yeast...
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    American IPA "Northeast" style IPA

    Has anyone heard of the new yeast from imperial organic coming out? It's called Juice and is specific for east coast IPA's. It's starting to ship this week
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    Fruit Beer Lemon-Lime Hefe Weizen

    I used us-05 on this as I don't really care for Hefeweizen yeast either. Didn't care for it at all. Over the top fruity/lime.Something about the yeast I think mellows that out. If I were to do it again I would use an American wheat yeast.
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    Conan Yeast Experiences

    Yeah maybe I just got a bad pouch. I do like the fact that the imperial organic has 200 bill cells. What does the omega have? I think I saw 150
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    Conan Yeast Experiences

    Just tried an omega dipa. 6 days in and 0 drop in gravity. I've been using the Conan strain from imperial organic with great success. Back to that I guess
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    Sorry should've clarified. That is for new orders. So I'm assuming pre orders would be sooner
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    Got an email last night saying beginning of 2017 shipping
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    Brewie automated system

    Has anyone heard about this or have any feedback? Fully automated brewing and full size batches compared to the pico brew. At the same price as well. brewie.org
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    Trillium Dialed in clone recipe critique

    I've been interested in trying that yeast. Please let us know how it turns out!
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    Why is my beer sweet?

    I let it age 4 weeks before I tried it. Just kicked the keg 3 after three months and it tasted the same. Well I shouldn't say the same. The aroma and taste was deff there but not as strong
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    Why is my beer sweet?

    I used imperial organic workhorse Belgian and fermented mid 60's to start then ramped it up to 72 to finish
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    Why is my beer sweet?

    Brewed a Belgian pale and I'm picking up on a kinda sweet smell. I take a drink and it tastes just like that smell I'm getting. My FG was 1.011 so I don't feel like that's my problem. Maybe it is. Here is the recipe. 90 min boil for the Pilsner malt
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    Anvil FIAK (Ferment in a Kettle)

    Curious how do transfer off all the trub/yeast cake? Do you have a racking arm or do you just turn your ball valve/pickup tube upwards?