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    Big Bottles on the cheap!

    Hi all, I just wanted to share that I just picked up a 12 bottle case of 32oz. Carta Blanca for $25 from my neighborhood general store. I mentioned to the owner a few weeks back that I was looking for some larger bottles and asked if he could find them. He made one phone call to his...
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    Help, quick! Fermentaton Finished???

    All is well. I am going to wait another week or so. I have moved the batch to another closet inside that stays around 65-70, depending on whether my wife closes the door or not. I realize that secondary is not necessary, however, I want to get my next brew going ASAP, so I need to free up my...
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    Help, quick! Fermentaton Finished???

    Alright, thanks for all the relpies. I have decided to leave it in primary at least for the rest of the week.Then, I will measure again. The closet in which the fermentation is left stays around 55 degrees F, so maybe that has contributed to a slightly longer fermentation period. OG was an...
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    Help, quick! Fermentaton Finished???

    I was just about to rack my latest brew, Irish Stout, over to secondary, but when I removed the lid of the primary, there are still small bubbles creaping up to the wort surface. It has been eight days since I brewed. I only used one packet of ale yeast and I haven't seen or heard the airlock...
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    To second stage or not

    Thanks for the feedback. I was wondering about the amount of time to wait between stages. This setup was an early Christmas present from my wife. Wanting to make things easier she just bought an all inclusive kit which had it's own instructions. Those instructions were to start fermentation in a...
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    To second stage or not

    Greetings! Alright, I'm 36 hours into my first brew. I decided to do single stage fermentation for the sake of simplicity, but now I am finding myself wanting to do a second stage. In my mind this will result in a clearer, cleaner brew. It is also my understanding that the major advantage to...
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    Well hello everyone.

    I'm Kevin from Raleigh, NC. I am thinking about brewing for the first time. I really like hoppy IPA's and non creamy black beers. Can't wait to learn all that I can. Peace:mug: