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  1. gonzoflick

    Airlock / De-gas question

    So I plan on racking my mead into secondary in a few weeks and then bulk aging. My question i guess is the same for mead as it is my wines that are currently bulk aging. I want to get all the gas out so when i bottle there is no fizz. Ive heard 6 months to a year in the carboy should do this...
  2. gonzoflick

    Add water after fermentation?

    OK so boiled water cooled down and racked into the primary? My OG was a few points high so I know it needs a little more H2O
  3. gonzoflick

    Add water after fermentation?

    OK so I brewed an American hefe the other day. It was getting dark and when I poured from my kettle into temporary bucket I thought it was to the 5 gallon line. Well I racked to primary and let sit. The next day fermentation was going very well but the water line seemed far lower than my...
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    New Obsession: La Maudite (Unibroue)

    I've heard the strain they use to bottle is a neutral, while their fermentation strain is a house secret
  5. gonzoflick

    Florida Brewpubs

    Red Light Red Light is hands down the best beer bar in orlando. Their new location has 20 taps, 2 beer engines and is dirt cheap. I honestly dont understand how they can make money. They sell 750 Belgians for $2 or $3 above retail. DFH 90min is $3 on tap for example. Its a GREAT place...
  6. gonzoflick

    Dogfish Head 90 or 120 min clone?

    We get it here pretty regularly for $10 a bottle. Also its served at my local beer bar for $14. Its an amazing beer and one that takes a while to drink. I think its worth every penny considering the level of intoxication you will receive from it along with the "glamor" of drinking such a high...
  7. gonzoflick

    Dogfish Head 90 or 120 min clone?

    Not only are the recipes out there for 120 minute complex (involving added syrups to achieve desired O.G) but they will set you back about $100 for a 5g batch. I would go for the 90
  8. gonzoflick

    Hello from Orlando, Florida

    Welcome to the forum and welcome to Orlando. Let me say that our only LHBS is Hearts Home Brew and their service SUCKS, but they do have product. Also you should try the bar Red Light Red Light on bennet Rd. Its the best beer bar in town. What are your favorite styles of beer? Maybe we could...
  9. gonzoflick

    Will this work ok?

    I am making a Fullers ESB clone this week and I want to know if Nottingham dry will be an OK substitute for WYeast 1968 London ESB? Thanks
  10. gonzoflick

    Super Bowl Variety

    Thanks, I think a bitter would be a great addition. Am not a big fan of stouts...yet
  11. gonzoflick

    Super Bowl Variety

    So I'm going to be supplying 4 kegs to a super bowl party for the second year in a row. Last year was great, I had 4 full kegs blown by then end of the party!. I had 1 Apfelwine 2 Kolsch 3 Pale Ale 4 Belgian Double This year I am a little pressed on time as I havent had the funds...
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    Planning a Beer Tasting Night

    I've had 4 beer tastings at my place. I require everyone bring a 6 pack of commercial craft brew with a list of EXCLUDED BMC type beers. I print up a numbered sheet and assign each beer a number. After we taste each beer we give it a 1, 2 or 3 rating. End of the night whomever's beer had the...
  13. gonzoflick

    saison search

    If you live in Florida look for Saint Somewhere Brewing's Saison Athene. It is out of this world along with their other brew Lectio Divina.
  14. gonzoflick

    Belgian Beer Giant Inbev to bid for Anheuser-Busch?

    Not sure if this has been posted yet but here it is
  15. gonzoflick

    Pale malt addition to Belgian Blonde?

    Thats good.. After reading a bit more I am afraid I had seriously altered the flavor of this blonde by using Pale Malt. I took a lot of time brewing this baby so I dont want to mess her up.