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    Beer kit ingredients confusion

    I think you are doing it the right way, taking small steps. There's no need to jump into all grain brewing just yet -- and the beer won't necessarily taste any better. Don't convince yourself you can't make good beer without a lot of expensive equipment. Many of us started out with soup pot on...
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    AHA Membership. Why/Why Not?

    This. I wish they had a discounted option for Non-Americans to purchase Zymergy magazine. There's no store discounts or lobbying benefits or competitions for people living outside of the US, yet it cost $10 more (plus exchange costs) to get the magazine sent. Nine dollars (U.S.) a copy for the...
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    Using refrigerant gel packs to chill wort

    Yes, I've done this. No problems at all. I usually use frozen water bottles in water, but I have chucked in a gel pack to help matters along. I do it to preserve water.
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    Window replacement

    Surely, you have heard of Toronto's infamous crack smoking mayor, Rob Ford? Well, Doug Ford is his (alleged) drug dealing brother. And to our eternal embarrassment and our ridiculous first-past-the-post electoral system he is now our Premier. He promised the people of Ontario that if they...
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    Window replacement

    I wouldn't ask about buying windows in Canada on an American centred site like this. There are different manufacturers, requirements and needs from one country to the next. I'm fairly certain you will be unable to buy Milgard windows, for instance, in Toronto. As a fellow Torontonian I'd...
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    Biab el cheapo hoist

    Nice. I wonder what your neighbours think: "He must be very depressed: look what he's building now." :-)
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    BIAB in a cooler? What’s your process?

    I do BIAB in a cooler. I wrap and pile the cooler with blankets and only lose about 2 degrees C over an hour (mostly, I assume, when I open the cooler to stir). I love how easy it makes cooler cleanup compared to using just a "bazooka screen". I have done both no sparge and batch sparge with my...
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    Sometimes I find breaking the tasks up helps me get going. Pick one or two small things to do and call it a day. For example: weigh the grains. Grind the grains. Weigh and sort the hops. Perhaps, prep and dose the water, etc.. Then relax. Before you know it you're brewing, looking forward to the...
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    Canadians. Metric or Imperial?

    I'm totally metric. It is occasionally a bother with so many popular online sites, magazines and recipe books using "US units" (I was going to write "Imperial units", but that's another problem with that system). Metric is so much more logical and easy to work with (the decimal system; 0 is...
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    Aeration kit or stir plate?

    Stir plate. Use it to overbuild your starter and harvest the extra yeast. After about ten batches you'll have saved enough money on yeast to buy an aeration kit.