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  1. GloHoppa

    Wow! Hard to believe.....

    Sounds like a time where you RDWHAHB!!
  2. GloHoppa

    My Cave

    Looks great! Can't wait to hear about the details behind your build!
  3. GloHoppa

    How long do whole leaf hops last?

    I can't remember if I zip-locked em. I hope I did! Luckily, the hop plants are ripe for the picking right now at my parents' house. Its no huge loss if they oxidized, just means more stuff to throw in the composter! I'll pull em out and see how they smell and go from there. As far as...
  4. GloHoppa

    Brew Hut Raising Weekend - 4/25

    I got through this thread back when there were :only: 50 pages... I just re-read the entire thing and have to say it looks amazing! Cant wait to see what's in store with it!
  5. GloHoppa

    Backyard Brewpub

    What an awesome brewhaus. My hats off to you!!
  6. GloHoppa

    What is my Bavarian Hef supposed to taste like?

    It takes a lot of practice and luck to not have off flavors in your beer. You gotta remember you are controlling a 5gal batch in a kitchen rather than a 50bbl batch in a computer-controlled factory. The easiest thing to do is to compare it to one in a store. In the northeast, my favorite...
  7. GloHoppa

    How long do whole leaf hops last?

    So I'm going to be brewing something either tomorrow or Friday, and I have some hops that I picked last year. Now before you all say, "No way man! Those hops are toast!", keep this in mind: Right after picking, I wrapped them in paper towels, and put them in a small lunchbox in the freezer...
  8. GloHoppa

    Time to rant

    Are you close enough with the owner to ask him about the guy? I mean I know it's a pain, but it sounds like it's more the guy than the shop, you know?
  9. HefeweizenLabel


    This is one of my favorite labels
  10. ApfelweinLabel


    One of my first labels
  11. TownieBrewingCo


    The first label I designed when I started brewing
  12. GloHoppa

    Label For My Hefe..

    label looks killer man...the only suggestion that i would make is using that font on the sides that you had in the first picture i think there is something to be said for a slightly difficult to read font...especially in your case because it went well with the font you used for the "great...
  13. GloHoppa

    Some new labeling from Townie Brewing Co!

    good point. i will do that next time i get home (at some point tomorrow since im staying in the town of bean tonight to get smashed at my buddy's show:rockin: ) i love the feedback that i have been getting, it really has been helping me with my GIMP skills:mug:
  14. GloHoppa

    absolutely beautiful...

    I don't know how this guy wasn't mentioned yet...or the person he's covering!! In all honesty, the first time I heard SRV cover Little Wing, I was moved. Still one of the best songs I have ever heard:rockin:
  15. GloHoppa

    Label For My Hefe..

    good stuff gusta!!! the only suggestion i would make is taking out the quotations from Great White Hype...imho it takes away from the title-nature of that section of the label. how did you set it up so that the boxer picture/shield sat inside the rest of the color? i am having...