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    An annotated brewday

    Good job on the tutorial! I just got my gas cooker in today (early christmas) so I am super excited about getting to it. Is your MLT 5 or 10 gallon?
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    Cold Conditioning in bottles

    yeah probably. So can I take them out of the fridge without hurting anything?
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    Cold Conditioning in bottles

    I read somewhere on here about cold conditioning beers in the bottle. I just put an Abbye Ale in the bottle on sunday and I put like half of them in the fridge. Is this gonna be a problem with getting efficient carbonation? Someone said it would make the beer taste more smooth ( akin to a...
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    So , I used papazans recipe of using unfermented wort instead of corn sugar to bottle my latest batch of beer. He said you could just put it in the refrigerator, in a sealed container, and it would be okay. When I opened it yesterday to bottle, it smelled kinda funny. I couldnt tell if it was...
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    I hate bottling

    I just bottled a 5 gallon batch tonight....probably 45 minutes (with my fiancee). It is an abbye ale, so I felt it needed to bottle condition. I do like the speed of kegging but bottle conditioned ales are where its at a lot of the time.
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    Imperial Stout Dark Night of the Soul Russian Imperial Stout

    Could I do a 5 gallon batch by halving everything on the list?
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    Belgian Dubbel Belgian Abbey Ale

    sorry about that....its late...or early......I realized you had the whole schedule right there!
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    Belgian Dubbel Belgian Abbey Ale

    I just put an abbye ale in the primary about an hour ago. I was wondering how long you let yours stay in the primary? And then how long in the secondary....or did you go straight to bottle conditioning? thanks! glenn
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    Dry Hopping with Whole Hops

    wow. I did an IPA in the spring and just dumped the oz in there with no bag......no wonder the aroma wasn't that great......
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    Cast Condition - and yeah... I put them in the keg-orator

    Thanks for all the info. I just bought a kegging system and then the next day stumbled across the CAMRA site and it blew my mind. I have my first batch in the keg with CO2. I guess if I want to keep that "real ale" flavor I will just stick to bottling ( I just got my ingredients together for a...
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    Cast Condition - and yeah... I put them in the keg-orator

    and how would i go about doing it without a hand pump? Is it even possible?
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    Cast Condition - and yeah... I put them in the keg-orator

    what if I am using a corny but I want to cask it without using CO2?
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    Cast Condition - and yeah... I put them in the keg-orator

    I am looking at using my corny as a cask and I was wondering if you had any issues with bringing up extreme amounts of sediment in when you did yours? My "out" line goes to the bottom of the keg, which is where the sediment will be, so I am afraid it'll just pull all that spent yeast up. thanks...