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    Help with high gravity (~1.19) cyser

    I want it sweeter, for sure. And I imagined it to be a "sipper" more than a "full glass" mead. Maybe I will just keep it how it is, pitch Lalvin EC-1118 and let it ferment for a few months, transfer it and bulk age it for a 6-12 months and then bottle and let it age for another 6-12 months.
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    Help with high gravity (~1.19) cyser

    I created 1 gallon of cyser weighing in at a whopping 1.190. I split the batch up into two ½ gallons, putting each in its own one-gallon jug to allow for head space during fermentation. I pitched a package of Wyeast Belgian Ale yeast into each carboy. The fermentation was very active, and it has...
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    How to go about all-grain 1 gal Graff

    I want to do some experimenting with graff. My plan is to do a bunch of different 1 gallon batches (using different beer styles for the wort). Based on scaling the 5 gal recipe down to 1 gal, I would be mashing about 1 lb of grains in .2 gallons of water. Is this something that is possible to...
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    Sweet mead question: how to stop the yeast

    Clearly I am knew to this mead making thing! I definitely did not realize that, so thanks for bringing it to my attention. Cheers!
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    Sweet mead question: how to stop the yeast

    Thank you for the advice Mr. Schramm. I will give that a go in the future. Cheers!
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    Over diluting JB-Weld?

    Thanks for the reply! Maybe next time I try this I will use your suggestion, but I am already invested in these two sticks so I am curious as to what to expect. I really hope I didn't just waste 100$ on two hunks of glue, metal and plastic... edit: I emailed JB weld...I will post the gist of...
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    Over diluting JB-Weld?

    Hey everyone, Yup, it's another heat stick thread. I went with this build but went for the L shaped pipe instead of straight: I diluted the JB-weld to make it quite liquid so I could por it down the tube and it would flow easily into the nooks and crannies...
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    Pasteurized v Non-Pasteurized: a few questions

    So pasteurized or not, I don't need to treat the juice in any way?
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    Pasteurized v Non-Pasteurized: a few questions

    I have seen a lot of options for cider/apple juice popping up at the farmers market and local grocery stores. I want to make a hard a cider (graff actually) and I am curious what I should be looking for in a juice. I hear some people say the best cider is made from unpasteurized juice...
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    Advice with acid addition at bottling

    I am ready to bottle my peach/raspberry saison, but I am debating acid additions. When reading about adding fruit when brewing, I remember reading from multiple sources (usually forums posts) that acid can be added at bottling to add some tartness that will accentuate the raspberry flavor (to...
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    Sweet mead question: how to stop the yeast

    I'm thinking I will do something similar. I'll ferment the mus almost completely, rack onto fruit and monitor the gravity. Than I will sorbate it at around 1.015 if the yeast are still working after the fruit addition. This will be an experiment I guess... Thanks for the help!
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    Sweet mead question: how to stop the yeast

    Hey all, I am trying to make a semi sweet mead (1.020-1.030) that is 10%. I also want to achieve this without having to back sweeten. Here is my issue: The yeast I usually use (D47) can easily eat through the honey I am going to add for this recipe (around 7 lbs for a 3 gal batch). So how...
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    Which grapes to pick for pyment?

    My LHBS is doing a preorder for wine grapes, and I remembered hearing about pyment in some video or lecture I was lsitening to, so I want to put in an order and get some high quality grapes. The trouble is, I don't know much about wine grapes, so I was hoping someone could walk me through...
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    Water and honey proportions

    Hey everyone, I use the GotMead calculator and after making my first batch, I have a question. I feel like it is a really stupid question, but for some reason I can't work this on out on my own: When it asks for volume, that is the total volume including honey right? So if I put in 1 gal...
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    Cheap way to purge carboys?

    Thanks for replying, Amandabab. I kinda figured that was going to be answer. I am glad I asked!