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    Too much headspace. Okay to add?

    Guess I didn't make myself clear. The Coopers primary has a lid with a big mouth opening and a spigot. I have about 4" at the top of airspace.
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    Too much headspace. Okay to add?

    Made my apfelwein according to the great EdWorts recipe with the exception of a different yeast. I used the only open primary I had which is the one that comes with a coopers kit. Big honking job. Anyhow I have too much headspace. Been 2 weeks today since the start. After reading other posts on...
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    Can I pitch on to yeast cake? (whatever that means)

    gol dang it I wish I had seen this before. I checked several posts of repitching and didn't see anything about Munton's so I repitched my pumpkin ale on it. Also my extract kit came with a Munton's so I wasn't too worried about that, but now I am. It fermented good for a few days with constant...
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    Re-use of yeast question

    I'm so glad you asked this question because I had the exact same one. I have been trying to figure it out from the posts. :-)
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    Weird additive to bitter beer is a hit!

    I know this is gonna sound weird. I brewed my second brew, a dark lager. It was very bitter and had a really nasty salty after taste. I had a party hoping to get rid of it hahaha and my daughter decides to add NOS an energy drink to it in the bottle. Not too much just about a 1/4 c or so and...