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    American Wheat Beer Zest Bomb - Citrus Wheat Pale Ale

    Brewed another batch with Coriander addition at 5 min. 1oz Williamette at 60min, 1oz Cascade at 15min and flame out. I'm going to zest up some orange, tangerine, grapefruit and try the vodka infusion 3 days before bottling. I justed didn't get the citrus "punch" adding it at flameout last time.
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    Founder's Centennial IPA (help)

    Two Hearted has been my favorite for years. The Founders Centennial is my new found favorite!! I think it is a much more flavorful Centennial than the Two Hearted with a little less yeast "bite". I think the bite is attributed more to the bottle conditioning and off course my aggressive pour. :)
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    American Wheat Beer Zest Bomb - Citrus Wheat Pale Ale

    I brewed a Citra/Cascade that was amazing. Only zested with orange/ tangerine.
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    Can you Brew It database

    Brewing Network. Subscribe to Podcasts ... you wont be disappointed.
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    generations of washed yeast

    Some yeast give much better flavor after a few generations. Keep washing and maintain good sanitation techniques and youll be fine. As mentioned earlier, commercial brewers reuse over and over.
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    American Wheat Beer Zest Bomb - Citrus Wheat Pale Ale

    I think your right about the oils. It never really dawned on me that the zests contained oils until you mentioned it....duh! I think I will throw in a handful of Carapils next time and try the vodka soaked zest in fermenter. The Citra and Cascade combo made a great beer so Im sticking with...
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    American Wheat Beer Zest Bomb - Citrus Wheat Pale Ale

    As I posted earlier, I actually lost aroma and citrus flavor, but everyone thought is was very drinkable. I usually brew hop-bombs, so they probably just enjoyed it being "light"...which they are used to. Now if I can nail the head retention. :(
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    American Wheat Beer Zest Bomb - Citrus Wheat Pale Ale

    Is anyone having head retention problems with this? My carb is good but settles to absolutely no head retention at all. I had no problem with fermentation and glass ware is fine. Could any of these be culprits: 90min boil Iodophor as bottle sanitizer prior to fillup More late hop than...
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    American Wheat Beer Zest Bomb - Citrus Wheat Pale Ale

    Not sure if sanitation would be an issue. Maybe boil is the only option or scrub then sanitize before zesting. Comments?
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    American Wheat Beer Zest Bomb - Citrus Wheat Pale Ale

    I zested a wheat using 3 minneola and 3 navel, with citra and cascade hops. Boiled zest for 5 min. The orange aroma was nice and strong through the airlock during fermentation, but faded at bottling after 2 weeks. Maybe adding zest at whirlpool would keep zest aroma in beer?? Maybe oils from...
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    American Strong Ale Arrogant Bastard clone

    So what is the yeast of choice for this clone? Also, what is the mash temp? 150F?
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    Temp affects sugar amount?

    So the temp in the calculator relates to what is already in solution. I see now. I assumed the calculation was for getting the CO2 in solution regardless of the amount in solution. Thanks for.the clarification.
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    Temp affects sugar amount?

    If I'm following this thread right, the temperature to be entered in the calculator should be the temperature at which the beer will be stored after bottling. The temp at which the sugar is being added should have no bearing on the dissolved CO2. A warm bottle of beer has more CO2 in the...
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    Need help, carbonation

    What was the sugar amount added? I'm thinking warm them up a bit.
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    Now I'm really confused about cooling wort

    I think he's speaking of hot-side aeration. I'd invest in wort chiller. Ice bath is a PITA!