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    Residual Sugars

    The yeast may or may not be dead, but the sugar should still have stayed in solution unless your FG was ridiculously high.
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    Residual Sugars

    I'd think it would be something other than the sugars, yeah. Dextrose is really soluble - did you mix it in boiling water before adding? If not, maybe I could see it falling out of solution. Maybe yeast or protein clumps, but after a couple of months that should have fallen out. Do you have...
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    Brilliant clarity without cold crashing

    Since this thread started, I've learned that time = clarity. A couple of extra weeks in bottles produces very clear beer other than a slight chill haze, and two weeks in the fridge gives absolutely brilliant clarity. My new enemy is carbonation. A beer that was perfect after 2-3 weeks in...
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    Residual Sugars

    Oh wow, I've never heard of that happening. I didn't know that sugar could re-crystalize after a boil unless it was super-concentrated. Maybe it's other stuff - how long has it been sitting after bottling and what was your carbonation sugar type/amount?
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    Residual Sugars

    What do you mean you see a lot of residual sugars? Barleywines are supposed to be big malt bombs with a lot of sweetness. 10.5% is pushing it for a lot of yeast, meaning they can barely work at that level of alcohol. You might do well to turn the bottles over once a day to rouse the yeast and...
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    American Wheat Pale Ale

    No real point in secondary for this beer. If you really want a clearer wheat, just wait longer in primary and make sure to cold crash for a few days, or alternatively sit the bottles in the fridge for a week after they've conditioned.
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    Leffe Clone BIAB Questions

    Make sure to give a long 90 minute boil with all that pilsner. No big deal working at 5 gallons instead of 5.5, it will just have a bit higher ABV. You'll do well to have a yeast starter at that ABV though.
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    Moved Bucket. Did I screw up?

    It all depends on how long you had it fermenting before you moved it down there. If more than 3-5 days, primary fermentation could have been just about done. Often, the primary fermentation will go from very active to almost quiet in less than a day.
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    Brilliant clarity without cold crashing

    That actually looks pretty similar to mine, which I consider cloudy. For example you can't see the countertop pattern through it except a little at the very bottom where the liquid is thin.
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    Brilliant clarity without cold crashing I was going off 2011 report, looks like the 2012 is out now. Not much has changed.
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    Brilliant clarity without cold crashing

    I had hoped that getting a wort chiller would help, I picked one up after my first three batches and now cool the wort from boiling within 15 minutes very reliably (sometimes in 5 minutes with the 2.5 gal batches). Why does bulk conditioning clear beer better than it would in bottles over the...
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    Any chance to save this fart beer?

    What yeast was it? Not tasting alcohol in your beer isn't necessarily a bad thing; most good beer shouldn't have any alcoholic bite.
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    Brilliant clarity without cold crashing

    Not being able to produce a clear beer means to me that there's something attainable and desirable but not understood. I don't mind an unintentionally cloudy beer that tastes great, but I would have a great sense of accomplishment if I can figure out the missing piece. I love giving out my...
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    Brilliant clarity without cold crashing

    Yeast wise, I'm solely a dry yeast user so far. I use one pack on 2.5 gallon and 5 gallon batches and don't notice a difference there so I doubt it's under-pitching as a primary issue. My most used yeast is nottingham, so it shouldn't be a flocculation issue. With the BrewBrite, that can't go...
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    Random Things Brewing Has Taught Me

    Starsan works as an excellent anxiolytic on germophobe wives.