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    Treehouse Brewing Julius Clone

    Totally agree that people should do what they want regarding gelatin - but should it be based on a premise that has no demonstrated support? That was my only point. On p-values, I don't think AmStat is arguing for abandoning it per se or saying it is garbage - but rather that it is...
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    Scofflaw Brewing Company Basement IPA?

    My homebrew club is aiming to have a meeting there this month - if we go, I'll try to gather some intelligence for you. They are making some good stuff. I find this beer beer to be extremely fruity, tropical, and not very bitter. I'd start with a "standard" NE-style IPA recipe, maybe 75/15/10...
  3. gbarron

    Treehouse Brewing Julius Clone

    Ding ding! There is no quantitative data I've ever come across that suggests using finings such as gelatin in a beer appreciably change the perceived hop flavors or aroma. The Brulosophy results appear quite sound and a lot more reliable than personal anecdote. Certainly, over time, as a...
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    Maibock Help

    Maibock is one of my favorite styles and I've made many. Would definitely drop the biscuit. You really just need a blend of Pilsner and Munich/Vienna. If you add melanoidin that is fine, but use a very light hand - I once used some at 3% of the grain bill and it was too much in terms of...
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    Atlanta Area Group Buy

    No worries Gringo. I just confirmed with Marcia that most of the grain will be in by Friday. Three people who are new customers for WWBC have been emailed to arrange prepayment.
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    Atlanta Area Group Buy

    Yes the order is in and should be available this Friday. But I will confirm with them.
  7. gbarron

    Atlanta Area Group Buy

    Thanks forcera. The spreadsheet automatically accounts for volume discounts provided by Wine Workshop. 10-19 sacks is 5% off, 20 or more is 10% off. Let's close this one up next Friday 1/15/16. That gives you a week to figure out what you need. The order will be submitted to Wine Workshop...
  8. gbarron

    Atlanta Area Group Buy

    I emailed Wine Workshop this morning to ask about their current prices. When I was in there at the end of 2015 they said their grain prices would be going up in the new year; I have asked for an updated price list if available. Here is a spreadsheet to sign up for the buy. Put your name and...
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    Atlanta Area Group Buy

    I am interested, I am in desperate need. You may want to check in with Wine Workshop to get an updated price list. My understanding is that their prices changed effective 1/1/16.
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    Help me decide how to treat this bottle of ECY Dirty Dozen that I have.

    I don't have any good answers for you on the cell count questions, but I have a bottle of Dirty Dozen and am contemplating some of the same things. At this point, I plan to make a starter to increase the cell count. If you are concerned about the effect a starter is going to have on the...
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    Noda Hop Drop N Roll Clone Idea

    I brewed up a variation on this recipe based on what I had on hand a few months ago so I thought I would chime in. I made it and drank on it for several weeks before finally getting a chance to try the real thing. I think it's real close. The bitterness in the real thing was a little more...
  12. gbarron

    Mark 2 Keg Washer

    Yes, I bought a replacement that worked perfectly - $30ish on Amazon:
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    Wyeast 1217-PC West Coast IPA source?

    Just FYI this is back out this month as a private collection strain from October to December. Go get you some!
  14. gbarron

    Creature Comforts Tropicalia Clone

    I think the lighting, glassware, and lack of head (it sat out awhile) on the real thing are distorting the color difference between the two in the picture. The homebrew is noticeably darker, yes, but not by as large a margin as one might conclude from the photo. Keep in mind also that I used...
  15. gbarron

    Creature Comforts Tropicalia Clone

    Here is a side by side. The homebrew is a little darker. Hop aroma and bitterness are much higher in the homebrew, but similar aromas/flavors. Just more intense. The real thing is more restrained in terms of hop flavor, aroma, and bitterness. As I said before, I would cut back on...