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    Closed-system pressurized fermentation technique!

    This has probably already been covered, but I don't have the time to read the entire thread and a cursory search didn't yield anything. What do you guys make of Greg Noonan's assertion that "during the primary fermentation, it is essential that virtually no carbon dioxide remain in solution...
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    too dry. how do i get some body back?

    Age it for 3-6 months. If it's still too boozy, use it for beer cocktails and/or cooking.
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    Midwest Supplies

    I recently (6/12) ordered some kegging equipment from Midwest. It took them a full week to ship the order (UPS delivered it in a reasonable time). All of the items I ordered were listed on the shipping confirmation email. However, when the package arrived, the dual faucet shank I ordered was not...
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    Low Efficiency & High Attenuation

    My hydrometer reads two points high, which I account for. I use Kaiser's water calculator, though I have some concerns about seasonal variation in my water supply. My water is very low mineral and hence very responsive to pH regulators. I generally add just enough gypsum and CaCl for calcium...
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    Low Efficiency & High Attenuation

    Since going all-grain, I've been consistently seeing very low efficiency (sub 70% with a single batch sparge), and very high attenuation (85%+ AA in all malt worts with a 60 minute 150-153F saccarification rest). I've tried crushing finer and finer, even going below a 0.020" mill gap. I'm...
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    My apricot blonde smelled bad bottling day??!

    What yeast & malts did you use? Does it smell like cooked cabbage or rotten eggs? If it's sulfur or DMS, then it should fade with time. If it smells like asphalt or rubber bands, there ain't much hope. Does it taste sour? What's your final gravity?
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    Step by step of my brewday: Doing a massive hop stand

    Sounds like your results are in the same ballpark as mine, although it's hard to a make direct comparison because of the temperature curve on your first hop addition. I found the aromatics to be extremely floral, but I used a bunch of Amarillo.
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    Staggered Dry Hop?

    I've only just brewed my first double dry-hopped beer, but a lot of pro brewers do it. I asked Matt Brynildson about it, and here's what he replied: So if you're going to do a double dry hop, do the first addition when your beer is still a few points above target FG, and the second addition...
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    Off flavors from...Star San?

    I agree with the infection diagnosis. I had a similar problem, and after I left the bottles around for a few months I got gushers.
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    Step by step of my brewday: Doing a massive hop stand

    It was a 1.053 pale ale. Based on my results, I think that a 30 minute hopstand at 200 is about equivalent in IBUs to a 5 minute addition (Tinseth), while a 30 minute hopstand at 175 is about equivalent to a 3 minute addition.
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    Step by step of my brewday: Doing a massive hop stand

    I recently did a similar experiment, except I didn't add any mash hops. I did a split batch, half of which (2.5 gallons) received 3 oz of hops held at 200F for 30 minutes, and half of which received 3 oz of hops held at 175 for 30 minutes. The 200 beer was plenty bitter, maybe 40 IBUs. The 175...
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    Best yeast for clear beer

    Most English ale yeasts flocculate well. Try WLP002 or WLP007.
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    Mineral Taste in Dark Beers

    Carbonates don't really have much flavor, though. It takes a LOT of chalk for me to be able to taste it, even in water. Granted, the flavor could be something else in the water. But it's certainly not sulfate, since I've never tasted it in an IPA. Perhaps there is a level of chloride between...
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    Mineral Taste in Dark Beers

    I'm not really a fan of the flavor. I think you're probably right that it's coming from the yeast. I very much doubt anyone's adding hardness to dark beers, considering that would have the opposite of the desired effect. They might be adding alkalinity, but I don't think the quantity required...
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    Mineral Taste in Dark Beers

    Commercial beers. I'm thinking specifically of Black Butte Porter and Anderson Valley Barney Flats.