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    Super Simple 15G Plastic Conical

    TY a pic of the whole unit would be nice. That will finish off this line of questioning. That last part the: http://www.brewershardware.com/1.5-Tri-Clover-X-1-2-Female-BSPP.html is not needed if I am just adding a ball valve with a female end, correct? The parts you listed above will...
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    Super Simple 15G Plastic Conical

    Is that a rotating arm? Would you please list the order of needed parts? And, the source of the SS arm? Much appreciated
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    Super Simple 15G Plastic Conical

    What is used on the inside? The end of the nipple is left as it is I assume.
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    Super Simple 15G Plastic Conical

    What processes did you use to clean and sanitize the system?
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    Super Simple 15G Plastic Conical

    It sure gets difficult to search large and active forums for specific information. So, I am asking you folks after extensive searching. I have a 15 gallon plastic conical. I need a blow off tube as I have leaked krausen out of the top a number of times. I will want to move wort through the...
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    Source of High temp silicone tubing at a good price

    I am in need of purchasing some replacement tubing for my brewery. High temp with at least some visibilaty to liquid in tubing is preferred. Somebody know of a good source?
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    Converting from 20LB portable L.P. tank to homes L.P. tank

    Thanks for the response Gunfighter04. A copper tube was buried into the ground leading directly from my homes large LP tank to a regulator mounted outside the door of my brewery. From that regulator to my brew stand is a distance of 6 to 7 feet.
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    Converting from 20LB portable L.P. tank to homes L.P. tank

    I have a single tier two burner brew rig. I have been using it with a 20 LB LP tank and it kicks butt. The burner are the 10" Hurricane/Banjo type. I had the local LP people come in and run a copper tube from my house tank to my new brew shed. They added a regulator. I am not getting...
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    Ventalation/Exhaust Fan sources

    I am developing a 12 by 19' dedicated brewing facility. It will be a three season brewing facility. My brewing set up includes a single stage duel 170BTU L.P. burners. I have a double door set up to the outdoors, two windows located nest the the brew rig and a door opening into my wood...
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    Yeast Harvesting Conical Style

    You folks with conicals: Do you wash your yeast after harvesting, or, do you just let it sit, decant and pitch. (Or store and make a starter before reusing.) I harvested about a gallon and a half from my 15 gallon fermentor. I will let it settle, then decant and consolidate from two...
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    Brewer's yeast at farmers market

    Why spend money and time on a brew you are looking forward to enjoying and serving to your friends and then gamble with the least expensive ingredient?
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    Treating water - both the mash and sparge?

    When treating water is it only the mash to be concerned about? Or, are there factors in which the sparge water needs treatment? When using extract water is not treated. Thanks
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    STC 1000 "Ebay" Temperature Controller Build

    I just completed my build and am about to set it up and run some test cycles. Thanks for the thread. I do have a question that may have been answered but a search did not spot it out for me. How long should I set the compressor delay between cycles? Do I just pick a number of minutes and...
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    Successful Fermentation Chamber Heat Source

    I have a need to add a heat source to my standard refrigerator I use as a fermentation chamber. I use it with a 15 gallon conical. If I read the above correctly, the refrigerator can be located in very cold areas such as an outbuilding and the heat sources placed within the refrigerator can...
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    Super Simple 15G Plastic Conical

    Yes Squeeky, congrats on the new brew shop that some call a house. I built the 15 gallon version of this build and love it. Late last summer I brewed a couple of batches and used a refrigerator to maintain fermentation conditions. Then, in early winter the ambient temperature cooled to...