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    FS: 3 Mostly complete parts kit for iSpindel

    No takers eh? I'll sweeten the deal by including an ESP8266 board (not the D1 mini but this one worked fine for me). All you need to add is a battery (I used this one) and a battery holder (I used this one). Here is a picture of what is included:
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    FS: 3 Mostly complete parts kit for iSpindel

    I have some extra parts from building a few iSpindels. I'm just trying to get back what I paid for the parts. The parts are based on the Open Source Distilling instructions. Included: Jeferey PCB 2.1 DS18B20 temperature sensor (I checked and they read with 1 degree F) BAT43 diode 4.7 KOhm...
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    Tiltpi losing connection

    It could be the sd card since brewpi constantly writes to it. Try a different one. I did have something similar happen (with the pi not coming all the way up after power cycling it) and going to a different card solved it for me. It might be nice to figure out how to get tilt pi to mount...
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    Which electric controller?

    That Brew Commander looks pretty slick. I've been using the auger cube for about 2 years and like it. The one feature that I think is super useful us the physical knob for controlling the power output - when my boil is just starting and the hot break wants to make it boil over it is really...
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    Weird gas post on new keg

    Ths is the tool you want http://www.sears.com/craftsman-11-16-x-7-8-in-wrench-ratcheting-box/p-00942165000P?sellerId=SEARS&prdNo=5&blockNo=5&blockType=G5 7/8 on one side, 11/16 on the other side, and ratcheting. Works for all your kegs, whether the posts are or star shaped. Offset version...
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    Is thebrewingnetwork.com offline?

    Just buy the book. It's the best brewing book that I have.
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    Biermacht for Android

    This is fantastic! I've been trying to find an Android app that works for me for awhile. I really wanted the ability to put in measured O.G. and final volume and have the software calculate overall efficiency, and this app delivers. A few feature requests: - Add a brew date and maybe a batch...
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    Nespresso capsules

    I've done coffee in beer several ways - brewing a pot and putting it in, adding to the boil, cold brewing coffee and adding it, etc. The last few times I've ground enough coffee for 1-2 pots and dumped it into the primary after active fermentation is done, leaving it for a week or two. I find...
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    Raised kegerator build

    Looks sweet!
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    How does this IPA look?

    Should be good. Maybe add the DME with the 15 minute addition unless doing a full boil? You'll get more bitterness that way. Either way it should be good.
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    Trying BIAB after all-grain

    I did a bunch of BIAB batches before getting a mash tun. It worked very well, but I never found a way to drain the bag that I was happy with. 12 pounds of grain soaked in water is heavy and awkward to hold over the kettle. The beer that came out was very good - no complaints there.
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    Adventures in Homebrewing: homebrewing.org

    I've bought a bunch of things from them over the years and they do a good job. They've always made it right whenever I've had an issue. And I once visited their Ann Arbor shop - it was one if the biggest and nicest that I've been to.