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    The measuring cup, and marital bliss.

    Off topic and slightly OCD, but, turn that damn spanner around!!!
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    Using dry enzyme

    Edit. Sorry just saw it was a lager
  3. Gab1788

    Using dry enzyme

    The 28 degrees if its Celsius sounds like a problem
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    First bottle bomb

    Maybe don't leave them there if they are loose. If they're in a plastic bucket or something then that's cool. If they are loose, imagine trying to get a million shards of glass out of your grass. Think about your pets stepping on them, kids, neighbours or whoever. Not a good situation IMO Gab.
  5. Gab1788

    Fermentation is complete, question before I bottle

    With bottle conditioning if its an ale it's fine at room temps. If you have used a lager yeast then yeah, you condition them at lagering temps which would be close to fridge temps. Gab.
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    Does more time in the fermenter mean less time conditioning?

    You can still get suck back from an "s" lock. If the pressure in the fermenter or secondary drops due to temp change or what ever, it's going to want to regain that pressure. It will do it in the easiest way it can and the weakest link is going to be the "s" lock. Not saying don't use one, just...
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    Ran out of CO2 when purging keg!

    Does it really matter at all? Does everyone purge their bottles when they bottle? I don't really see how it's any different.
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    White Film after Dry Hop - Infection? Look!

    I've had this happen before. It looks like white swirls on top of the beer (I think I started a thread with photos asking what it was) and it kind of gets a little thicker on top the longer you leave it. But yeah, same thing as you said it kind of sticks together and just stays on top. I just...
  9. Gab1788

    Long water storage whith starsan

    I have unlimited access to 20lt cubes. I was wondering if rinsing then with star San prior to filling with water to store long term would be viable? The containers are all food grade just wondering if from a survivalist viewpoint if this would work.
  10. Gab1788

    Looking for a Foster's recipe and yeast sugggestions

    I'm from aus and no one really drinks it anymore. I remember my pop drinking it but that's it. Biggest selling beers here are xxxx gold, VB, tooheys new and Carlton draught. All are pretty much light lagers.
  11. Gab1788

    Buying a used CFC

    For what it is worth, I just bought some copper tubing and wrapped it around a cornie keg. Probably took ten minutes max then just used some hose clamps. Can't remember what the copper cost as it was a few years ago but it couldn't have been too much. Just my 2c.
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    What's your beer "worth"?

    "What's my beer worth? Slightly more than my liver" That has to be the best quote I've heard aeons here in a while!
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    Is it ok to let your wort cool overnight in the brewpot

    I no chill all the time. I have a plate chiller but its so much easier to no chill. I just run the wort into a 20lt cube, push the sides to get the air out and seal it up. The boiling wort sanitises the plastic cube, then it's just sitting there. It cools over night and ill pitch the next day or...
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    help me win a bet

    I think health food stores sell some kind of hop thing for health crap. Maybe try that?
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    Vendor Giveaways -- Bad Juju

    I get that paying helps the forum and I did last year. But I didn't really see any extra benefits that I cared about. My premium membership ran out last month but I don't think I'll renew it. Just my two cents and all, but I don't care if I have an avatar, access to the bone yard and I don't...