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    My first real mead, about 18 months later.

    It was either montrachet or kuvee(spelling?). came out to about 16%? Had the sugars for 24, and the yeast was supposed to have the potential for 18%, so it's REALLY sweet. I didn't do much other than whip it up and aerate it right before I pitched the yeast.
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    Calling All Metal Fans

    He's doing good as far as I know, he and his wife just had a little girl.
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    Calling All Metal Fans

    <iframe width="420" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> Ingurgitate/Demoniacal Genuflection These are a local group who have been all over, and are now playing under a different name (different singer) and a COMPLETELY different...
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    Beer and Board games

    do you like beer? Of course you do! Do you like board games? probably! Why the hell aren't you watching beer and board games? Why are you yelling at me, please just stop yelling I'll do it, I'll watch it oh god. I discovered this little gem on youtube a while back. It's from the same...
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    My first real mead, about 18 months later.

    So back in February of 2012, SWMBO's brother had asked me to make a mead for him to give to coworkers as a present. It was a 50/50 mixture of Texas blackberry and raspberry honeys. He left the company around September and held on to all the bottles. I had pretty much forgotten about it until...
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    Super Simple 15G Plastic Conical

    This is like the second thread I've opened back up after taking a LONG break from homebrewing and this is EXACTLY what I have been wanting to do to my conical to make it airtight and better suited for use as a bright tank/secondary. I'm digging the dipstick as well, that will come in real...
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    GOOD on Netflix STREAMING?

    I've been on a kick watching "an idiot abroad". Great show.
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    Anybody know anything about light-up beer signs?

    while this is very true, I have yet to land a job after graduating college and can't afford to just give anything away right now. It would be really cool to be able to do that, but any money I make off of this is either going to go into groceries or paying for the storage unit to put all of my...
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    Anybody know anything about light-up beer signs?

    So I have this sign I am trying to sell and I wanted to know what a decent asking price for it was. Only thing is that I can't find it anywhere online. The closest thing I can find is a poster with the same image on it, for like ten bucks. It's a Busch Light sign with a girl in a bikini...
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  12. busch light sign

    busch light sign

    pictures of a sign for the thread related to it.
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    How Do I Put This?

    I think you daughter might have a few things in common with yooper.
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    WTF? Why am I getting THIS ad?!?

    maybe you made a few too many whiney posts....