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    Another newbie with a kegerator

    I did replace those lines. Glad i did as it also turned out they were 1/4 inch lines instead of 3/16. Also got 6 feet instead of 5 to help keep foaming issues down. Its all working great though I never go to 30 psi now. That first beer got overcarbed and it took me a week to get it to settle down.
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    Chai Vanilla Milk Stout

    I didn't have the proportions. It was a chai mix I picked up at a spice shop. the ingredient list is in order of quantity if that helps.
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    Kegged an already sugar primed beer, what now? Temperature? Can I still force carb?

    You could have some issues if you sugared the beer for bottling since the sugar required to self carb in a keg is about a third as much. You could be getting too much pressure. You'd really have to keep a close eye on it and bleed off the pressure as it built. Most threads I've read like this...
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    Tower chillers, tell me about yours.

    This is a nice idea. How do you run the power cord?
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    Bottle Not Completely Filled.

    I guess this would be true if you gradually lifted the filler out and let the CO2 stay on top of the beer. I see most videos fill to the top and then pull out the filler leaving an inch of air in the neck that was just pulled back into the bottle, sure to have some O2 in it. Based on that, I...
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    We no need no stinking beer gun...

    With deference to the OP, I believe it is the BierMuncher Bottle Filler.
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    Brewing with Friends!

    I'm sure the fine will be very reasonable.
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    Another newbie with a kegerator

    I picked up this taprite 2 product regulator.
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    Brewing with Friends!

    Probably would have helped if you had mentioned that in the original post. You are probably a nanobrewery and potentially need to get some permits if you plan to use that more than 4 times.
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    Brewing with Friends!

    So if they take the bucket of wort off premise and add the yeast it wouldn't count toward the 200 gallon limit? This seems to make sense but I'm not sure what they mean by "brewing beer". Technically beer isn't brewed until it's been fermented.
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    How many primaries do you have?

    I have 2 primary buckets and 2 better bottles for secondary. Usually I leave beer in primary for 2 weeks and secondary for one. With this set up i could brew 5 gallons every week but I only brew once or twice a month so its plenty.
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    sanitizing bottles

    I like star san on brew day but prefer iodophor for bottling day. Brew day is mostly plastic and mesh that needs sanitizing and I don't like the way iodophor stains it. Don't really have any issues with foam either. On bottling day though, star san in the vinator makes a lot of foam. I also...
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    Another newbie with a kegerator

    Woohoo, got my ESB under 30 pounds of pressure, will knock it down to 12 tomorrow. Plan on drinking some draft beer next weekend when I'll be brewing a nice Nut Brown for the other keg.
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    We no need no stinking beer gun...

    I don't get why you would waste CO2 purging the bottle. At the end, you still suck the same amount of air into the bottle when you pull the cane out. A short blast of CO2 maybe would do something at the end, but it still won't get all the O2 out. I think the best method is to loose fit the caps...
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    Need help getting my CO2 lines set up

    I got my 2 product regulator but it didn't come with any airline so off to the LHBS. Very dissappointed, they don't have the hardware to attach the airline to the regulator. How could this be? Looking on line I still don't see what I'm looking for. I would just like a few feet of air line with a...